• Get ready to celebrate Arbor Day

    This Friday is Good Friday and Earth Day so we should all be in a good frame of mind to do our part to improve the world. Next Friday we can put it to good use and plant some trees in celebration of Arbor Day. Surely we can top the first Arbor Day in 1872 when it was estimated that 1 million trees were planted in Nebraska alone.

  • This spring, don’t forget about the birds and the bees

    I am always a little annoyed when people ask me how to get rid of bees. Short of a deathly allergy, we should all be lucky enough to have a healthy population in the garden. I have tons out and about the landscape, in the clover where I walk daily, in the garden where I work, amid the flowers where I weed — and I have never been stung.

  • End-of-Season Deer Tactics with J. Wayne Fears

    Many states have ended their deer seasons, but others are still going strong. Here are some strategies that will pay-off for you at the end of deer season.
    Public Land Tactics: