Today's Opinions

  • Letter to the editor: Rumor doesn’t affect dermatologist


    Dr. Clay hasn’t gone anywhere.

    He is still in his dermatology office off Mount Zion Road. 

  • Letter to the editor: Can we ignore what our forefathers fought for?


    Regarding the News-Herald editorial from June 13:

    I for one am dismayed that the federal government may track and retain information on who I call and email, which websites I visit or comments I make through social media. 

  • Guest columnist: Take pride in our history


    Independence Day is our country’s most patriotic of holidays, chock-full of flags, fireworks and family festivities.  It is a day when we Americans proudly wear red, white and blue as an expression of our devotion for the greatest country in the world. 

  • Letter to the editor: Farmer’s family and friends appreciate tractor-show turnout

    We would like to give a very special thanks for everyone who supported our fourth-annual tractor show.
    We had a great turn out. We could not do this if it wasn’t for people like you coming out and supporting us.
    We would also like to thank all our sponsors that support our tractor show.
    We would like to give a very special thank you for everyone that participated in the tractor drive we had for the tribe of Lester Tuggle on June 15.
    He has been a farmer of Owen County for 86 years and he will be truly missed by many.

  • All I am saying is: Good news and some pandering in laws

    In this week’s News-Herald, you can read a story outlining some of the new laws that will soon go into effect in Kentucky on June 25.
    From my days covering the General Assembly, I learned that some laws are simply passed to appease a certain group or to make a political statement.
    This year, the General Assembly enacted several new laws that will truly help the people of the commonwealth.
    Here are some of my thoughts on some of the new laws:

  • All I am saying is ... Watch what you say and you can stay free

    Are people outraged the federal government could be tracking your phone calls, Internet usages and email?


    Are people stunned the federal government could be tracking your phone calls, Internet usages and email?


    Are people even somewhat surprised the federal government could be tracking your phone calls, Internet usages and email?


  • Letter to the Editor: More Facebook pages on local schools added

    The Facebook webpage “Owenton - KY Elementary School” has received a lot of  attention from News-Herald readers and I would like to thank the paper and supporters.
    There are two additional pages I have recently created: Owenton -  KY High School” and “Owen County - KY High School.”
    These are works in progress, which will be more interesting when the pages   are visited regularly, people make comments, and share their school   photos online. Many articles and pictures from the News-Herald have been  used.

  • Lettter to the Editor: Corinth firefighters may survey residents

    The Corinth Rural Fire Board and Volunteer Fire Department have received a $100,000 FEMA grant for the purchase of a new 2,000 gallon water transport truck. The new equipment should be in the fleet within the next 45 days.
    In addition, the above groups are working with Grant County Fiscal Court in preparation of a $200,000 grant to construct a new six bay firehouse. The building will have one bay devoted to house an ambulance to serve local area residents.