Today's Opinions

  • All I’m saying is ... Community reacts to water crisis exactly as it should

    People say that the true nature of a person is revealed in a time of crisis.
    If that’s the case, then the people of Owen County should be proud of the character that was on display during last week’s water crisis.

    When the taps dried up last Tuesday morning, nearly every group, department, business, organization, congregation and agency jumped into action.

  • Letter to the Editor: Owen Co. should be thankful for divine help

    I would like to thank everyone who worked and are still working on our waterline breaks. I heard talk of some complaints and some that were just awful. We take things for granted this day in time. I remember when all you had was water heated on a stove. A pan of water and wash rag to take a bath. When we were little a wash tub was our bath tub. Most of us have life easy now, some still don’t and I hope they will.

  • Letter to the editor: Are you a CEO?

    Those who are “twice-a-year church goers” is so common place in our society that today’s Urban Dictionary has given such people a name.  They’re called “CEO’s” (Christmas & Easter Only).

  • Letter to the editor: There are better uses of tax money than a wet/dry vote

    I’ve been reading God’s word for about 40 years and studying deeply for half that time.
    I have heard it said many times that Jesus turned water into wine. That’s true, he did. But I would like to say that he did not give alcoholic drinks to the people at the wedding and feast.
    If you really know our savior, Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for each of us, because he was and is the only perfect sacrifice – you would know that is not the character of Jesus Christ.

  • Letter to the editor: People can support alcohol sales while fighting drugs

    There are a few (very few) people in our community who seem to believe that alcohol is of the Devil and since everyone is entitled to their opinion, I’d like to take this opportunity to share mine.
    I recently accepted a job as the general manager of Elk Creek Vineyards and I’ve been asked how I can “promote the sale of alcohol and  a drug-free Owen County.”

  • Letter to the editor: Browning-Wainscott announces candidacy

    My name is Marlene Browning-Wainscott and I would like to take this opportunity to say how excited I am to announce my candidacy for Owen County Clerk.
    My husband, Jason Wainscott, and I have owned and operated our business, Full Service Automotive, in Owenton for 8 years and during that time I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Kentucky State University.

  • Letter to the editor: Volunteer firefighters appreciate support

    The Owenton/Owen County Fire Departments/Owen County Search and Rescue would like to thank the following for help in making our 50th annual Christmas supper a success.
    The staff at Meadowview Shopwise, including Rod, Bud, Mark, Julie, Audrey, Dot, John and Amanda, for the meats, trays and all the fixings.
    We would also like to thank Owen County Judge-executive Carolyn Keith, Owenton Mayor Doug West and Owen County Treasurer Meagan Greenlee.

  • Letter to the editor: Use the season to give the gift of life

    As we gather with family during the holiday, many of us wish to give back and help others. Often, we struggle to find the time and means to do so. However, this Christmas, there is something everyone can do that costs nothing, takes less than a minute and gives hope to thousands of children, adults and their families in need.
    In the nation, 120,000 patients wait for transplants. Each day, 18 people die waiting for their gift of life. If you ‘hate the wait’ like we do, please consider joining the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.