Today's Opinions

  • All I’m saying is ... Congress should focus on the possible instead of the impossible

    By the time you read this, the federal government will be shut down.
    I’m writing this four days before the deadline to reach a deal  is set to expire.
    How can I go ahead and spend the time to write something when the outcome isn’t assured?
    I have confidence that no deal, no compromise, no settlement, no agreement, no bargain, no treaty will be made before the deadline because I have no faith in most of the Washington lawmakers to do anything that can’t be spun into a total positive for themselves.

  • Letter to the editor: Operation Christmas Child to hold kick-off event

    As fall arrives it is also time to start planning and praying for shoebox collection through Operation Christmas Child. Collection week this year is Nov. 18-25 and Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church will once again nerve serve as your relay center to accept your shoeboxes during that week.
    Specific days and times will be announced later.

  • Letter to the editor: Leadership calls for diverse thinking

    The Owen County Community Leadership Program, offered by the Owen County Extension Council, held its second class Sept. 22.
    The meeting focused on leadership and personality. Duane Kline and Cara Stewart gave examples of how understanding your personality affects your leadership style.  

  • Guest columnist: Addiction nearly cost me everything

    My addiction had finally hit rock bottom. I have been struggling with drug addiction since I was in high school. I was living both sides of the fence. It was like I was wearing a lampshade of who I really was. Many family members and friends were not aware of what I was doing.
    By the grace of God, we all escaped with minor injuries. Every time I see this picture I want to bawl my eyes out. I definitely count my blessings now.  

  • Letters to the editor: Champions for a Drug Free Owen County making plans

    The Champions for a Drug Free Owen County recently met at the Wild Goose. We had 15 attendees and came up with some great ideas.
    I’m happy to report that as a result of our first meeting we had three people seek treatment and $100 was sent to Grace Happens as a donation toward the recovery of a 31 year old female from Owen County who is fighting addiction. Yay God.

    Sweet Owen Day
    We will be setting up an informational booth with REACH for Sweet Owen Day Sept. 21 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Letter to the editor: Family of lost elderly man grateful for help

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their help in searching for my stepdad on Sunday, Aug. 18.
    Everyone’s help was greatly appreciated. A very special thanks to the Owen County Sheriff’s Department, the Owen County Search and Rescue team, Grandpaws, the Owen County Life Squad, PHI and all the other volunteers and agencies who were involved in the search.

    Lisa Renfro
    Owen County

  • Letter to the editor: New fight against drug abuse kicks off

    We had an a great turnout for our first event with more than 35 people in attendance. We had 20 volunteers sign up to join our growing team of Owen County residents ready to fight drug addiction in our community.
    If you missed this meeting, you definitely missed a blessing but don’t worry we are just getting started and there will be many more.
    In fact, this Friday from 8 to 9 a.m., we will be having a planning meeting at the Wild Goose Café to schedule future meetings, fund raising events and Celebrate Recovery ideas.

  • Letters to the editor: Company reps say pipeline will be an important part of state’s economic, logistic future

    Learning that a new underground pipeline may be coming through Kentucky has some folks asking questions. What are the risks? What about my land? What about the environmental impact? These are just a few things Kentuckians have a right to know about the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline Project.
    But those parties that use scare tactics to oppose such projects do not want you to hear the truth: that underground pipelines are a safe and effective method for transporting the energy products on which the American economy depends.