• Letter to the editor: Commemorate King's march for civil rights

    February, consecrated as Black History Month in the United States by  
    President Ford’s Administration in 1976, is a month we should take the time  
    to remember the bad, recognize the good, and honor the heroic. There are so  
    many untold stories of resilient individuals who overcame the atrocities of  
    enslavement, segregation and the denial of basic human rights, by propelling  
    themselves and others into successes that would have been unimaginable just a  

  • Letters to the Editor: Poe announces candidacy for Owen Co. sheriff

    I, Rick Poe Sr. , hereby announce my candidacy for the office of Owen County Sheriff.  I have been a resident of Owen County my entire life. I am married to Lana K. Poe and together we have a daughter, Michaela who is 14. Lana and I have been married 17 years. I also have a son Ricky Jr., 35.
    I respectfully ask for your vote my fellow Owen countians.

  • Letter to the editor: Visioneers are important to Owen County

    As a 2014 candidate for Owen County Property Valuation Administrator, I would like to thank the Owen County Visioneers for sponsoring the Meet Your Candidates reception on Feb. 13 at the Owen County Extension Building.

  • Letter to the editor: Livers was a great fiddler and better friend

    I, Jim Ware, would like to defend myself against John Harrod or anyone else that read the article about my uncle Bill Livers.
    I was not the one that made a negative statement about his ability to play.
    I thought he was a great fiddler and a greater friend and uncle.
    Any time anyone sees, reads or hears a negative statement or remarks about Bill Livers, go and bet the farm that statement or remark did not come from Jim Ware.
    Jim Ware

  • Letter to the editor: Road crews work hard to keep us safe

    I want to say what a great job our road crews are doing keeping our roads clean this winter. Most people don’t know how hard and dangerous it is.
    To Colby and Greg and their crews, a big thank you for a job well done.

    Jerry Kistner

  • Letter to the editor: Livers was a musical giant

    I want to thank John Harrod for his editorial last week on Bill Livers. John knew Bill as both a friend and a fellow musician.
    In my article on Bill a few weeks ago I in no way meant to downplay Bill’s fiddling accomplishments.. Obviously he was much admired for he performed in Nashville and entertained the president of the United States.

  • Letter to the editor: Owen Electric deserves round of thanks

    I want to extend my deepest gratitude to the Owen Electric employees who work diligently restoring power to residents and businesses throughout the electric co-op system, especially during critical weather situations.

  • Letter to the Editor: Livers could play with the best

    I read with interest Bonnie Strassell’s remembrance of Bill Livers drawn from her visit with Jim Ware.
    I have to disagree with the implication that Bill lacked talent as a fiddler. I traveled and played with Bill for many years, watched him play for different audiences in many different settings, and gained some insights into his personality and character. Bill had a great gift for sizing up an audience and responding to their expectations. If they expected him to cut up and act the clown, that’s what he would do, and his fiddling suffered accordingly.

  • Letter to the editor: Stivers announces county clerk bid

    It is with great pleasure that I, Laurel P. Stivers, announce my candidacy for the office of Owen County Clerk.
    I am currently working in the office and serving as a deputy clerk. I know that I can handle the responsibility of running this very important office and all that it requires.
    The Owen County Clerk’s Office not only does motor vehicle licensing and titles, but also records every important document such as deeds, mortgages, liens, marriage licenses, hunting and fishing, voter registrations, elections and delinquent taxes just to name a few.

  • Letter to the editor: Lang announces candidacy for Owen County sheriff

    Let me introduce myself. I am Kristopher Lang and am declaring my candidacy for Owen County Sheriff. I am a former narcotics detective who came to Owen County in 2012 with plans to live a quiet life with my companion, Wanda, in a residence reminiscent of my childhood home.
    Shortly after moving to our new home on Herman Green Road it became apparent there is a serious drug problem in the community. Unfortunately, I also quickly learned that a plea for help from local law enforcement falls on deaf ears if the call is received after “business hours.”