• Letter to the editor: Lusby and Bourne served the public well at Saveway

    In the late 70s, there was an ad in the News-Herald for a part-time cashier at Saveway. I was raised in the grocery business and looking for a part-time job. I thought this would be perfect.
    I called and ask Charlie Lusby if I could to Owenton for an interview. He said if he needed me he would call and hung up. When my husband came home he ask if I got the job. I said apparently not, because one of the owners hung up on me.

  • Letter to the editor: Support James Comer for agriculture commissioner

    On Nov. 8, registered voters in Kentucky will have the opportunity to choose the people who will lead our state for the next four years. Based on early absentee voting, all predictions indicate voter turnout will reach all-time lows. Your vote will make a difference.
    The race for Agriculture Commissioner is very important this year because now, more than ever, we need leadership that understands the needs, concerns and frustrations our farmers face.

  • Letter to the editor: Johnson will appeal to values voters

    Bill Johnson is running for Kentucky Secretary of State, the principal officer who oversees elections in Kentucky.
    If elections are not fair, democracy becomes a sham. The next person elected Secretary of State will oversee the 2012 presidential election. In 2008, Acorn, an organization with close ties to President Obama, engaged in widespread (voter registration) fraud.
    Bill Johnson’s opponent opposes requiring picture ID at the polls. No ID means groups like Acorn can transport the same voters from poll to poll.

  • Letter to the editor: Karsner's work deserves recognition

    I was selected to receive the donations for the Karsner Airfield Highway Marker and deposit them in the bank. I have seen firsthand how the people of Owen County and Kentucky have a heart for recording history.
    It is awesome to read the donators’ names and the notes enclosed. They come from throughout our county and state, with other states represented also, and they are so generously donating funds for the erection of a highway marker at the site where Karsner Airfield once was located. I thank you.

  • Letter to the editor: Love and faith are weapons in fight

    I’m writing this letter because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
    I think this horrible disease has touched almost every family in Owen County at one time or another. It touched my family several years ago — it took our sweet sister-in-law, Sandy Davis. I just want to tell a little bit about her.
    Sandy was definitely a fighter. She lived with this disease for eight years, but she didn’t let it get her down. She still worked full-time, raised three children, and took care of my brother, Wayne.

  • Letter to the editor: Dangerous stretch of road needs attention

    I am concerned about KY 22 East of Owenton to Dry Ridge. The Grant County portion of KY 22 East is in bad need of good repair work and re-pavement. I consider this roadway to be one of the most dangerous roads in Kentucky.

  • Letter to the editor: Remember to say a simple ‘thank-you’

    As a county resident and community leader, I want to express my gratitude to those who came to the 9/11 Memorial Service at the Owen / Owenton Fire House on Sept. 11. It was a great turnout from our community to honor our county fire departments. I would like to thank our Owen County Judge-executive Carolyn Keith and Mayor Doug West for expressing their gratitude to the emergency services. A special thank-you to Wayne and Teresa Kemper for donating over 300 flags in front of the fire house. A big thank-you to all the men and women who are there when an emergency arises.

  • Letter to the editor: Respect beliefs but acknowledge reality

    I’m not from Owen County, nor Kentucky. I’m married to a former Owen County woman, and Kentuckian with deep roots in the state.
    I was always puzzled by the concept of “dry” counties, although, I can appreciate and respect the religious and social mores a group of citizens believe when it comes to certain issues that affect a large swath of citizens.
    The issue I have is the belief that it’s because of religion that the referendum on alcohol didn’t pass. I followed the issue closely because of my wife’s family, and reading about it in the News-Herald.

  • Letter to the editor: Quilt picture sparks memories of mother

    It was such a joy to open The News-Herald last week and see one of Mom’s quilts. A picture was taken at the library showing her quilt hanging on the wall. We, her children, donated the “Flower Garden Quilt” to the library in 1990 in honor of her 75th birthday. She pieced quilts for so many people. She was Mrs. Clifton, Gertrude, Gertie – she had several names – and was loved by all. I hope her memory never fades.

    Linda Allnutt

  • Letter to the editor: Owen sheltered from storms

    Last week, a great storm hit Louisville, as you know. Comparatively, Owen County had very little damage. We have often been “sheltered,” when areas around us have suffered severely. It makes me doubly glad that Owen countians the sale of “demon alcohol,” last month. God is in charge of the storms.
    But, now another storm seems to be brewing. Reportedly, the British rioters plan a “Day of Rage,” Sept. 17, in New York City, according to Crosstalk Radio. They hope to ignite riots across America.