• Letter to the editor: Firefighters appreciate community’s help with food and coat drive

    The fire departments of Owen County would like to say thank you to the community for its generosity during the coat and food drive.
    The fire departments collected over 800 cans of food, 200 coats and three boxes of toys.
    The fire departments also received cash donations from members of the community to buy food for the foood drive.
    All the donations were greatly appreciated. They were able to help serve 29 needy families and they were also ale to give 116 people coats.

  • Letter to the editor: Annexation plan would only affect businesses

    It has been brought to my attention that the residents on the roads that we are annexing into the city seem to think they will be in the City of Owenton. That is not true. The only ones that we can bring in without a vote are the businesses.
    We have had the original boundary of the city resurveyed because there were some question as to where the actual lines were. It seems that there is more property in the city than we thought.
    The reason we are annexing all the roads is for future economic development. If we don’t grow, we will not exist.

  • Letter to the editor: West reflects on first year as Owenton mayor

    2011 was a year of a lot of changes here in the city of Owenton.
    We have cut some salaries, made changes in the administration, cut our budget by $80,000, changed our phone service at city hall, the fire department and the industrial foundation for a savings of $2,500 per year. We’ve had seven areas resurveyed that had been done since 1981, but were not sent to the secretary of state, nor was it filed at the county clerk’s office. We also got back half of our property that was mistakenly deeded to Kentucky American Water when it was sold in 2005.

  • Letter to the editor: Remember road etiquette and the law

    Whatever happened to people knowing to pull over for vehicles with lights and sirens on? When you see lights flashing and hear sirens blasting, someone needs assistance. What if it were your family member who needed help? When you don’t pull over, you slow emergency people trained to help those in accidents, fires, etc. You also risk their life by making them go around you. This is a volunteer community, you know this. Please do the right thing and pull to the side of the road when you see emergency vehicles coming. Lastly, I would just like to remind you, it’s the law.

  • Letter to the editor: Golf outing touches lives of local children

    The Annual Owen and Carroll Counties Charity Golf Scramble to benefit the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch was held Monday, Sept. 12, 2011, with Owen County Sheriff Zemer Hammond and Carroll County Sheriff Jamie Kinman hosting the event.
    We send our sincere thanks to sheriffs Hammond and Kinman as well as to the Owen and Carroll County sheriff’s offices and to all those helping. Your support and help of this event ensures we continue to reach Kentucky’s youth in a positive manner.

  • Letter to the editor: Citizen steps in to install Christmas lights

    For many years, Owen Electric has helped the City of Owenton put up the Christmas lights in Owenton for no charge. All of a sudden, they want to charge the city $800 to help put them on the poles. Sounds as if they are not in the Christmas spirit, or is it politics?
    A good citizen of Owenton, Don Harlow, has agreed to help the city by providing his bucket truck for no cost to put up the Christmas lights.

    Horace “Doug” West
    Owenton Mayor

  • Letter to the editor: Lusby and Bourne served the public well at Saveway

    In the late 70s, there was an ad in the News-Herald for a part-time cashier at Saveway. I was raised in the grocery business and looking for a part-time job. I thought this would be perfect.
    I called and ask Charlie Lusby if I could to Owenton for an interview. He said if he needed me he would call and hung up. When my husband came home he ask if I got the job. I said apparently not, because one of the owners hung up on me.

  • Letter to the editor: Support James Comer for agriculture commissioner

    On Nov. 8, registered voters in Kentucky will have the opportunity to choose the people who will lead our state for the next four years. Based on early absentee voting, all predictions indicate voter turnout will reach all-time lows. Your vote will make a difference.
    The race for Agriculture Commissioner is very important this year because now, more than ever, we need leadership that understands the needs, concerns and frustrations our farmers face.

  • Letter to the editor: Johnson will appeal to values voters

    Bill Johnson is running for Kentucky Secretary of State, the principal officer who oversees elections in Kentucky.
    If elections are not fair, democracy becomes a sham. The next person elected Secretary of State will oversee the 2012 presidential election. In 2008, Acorn, an organization with close ties to President Obama, engaged in widespread (voter registration) fraud.
    Bill Johnson’s opponent opposes requiring picture ID at the polls. No ID means groups like Acorn can transport the same voters from poll to poll.

  • Letter to the editor: Karsner's work deserves recognition

    I was selected to receive the donations for the Karsner Airfield Highway Marker and deposit them in the bank. I have seen firsthand how the people of Owen County and Kentucky have a heart for recording history.
    It is awesome to read the donators’ names and the notes enclosed. They come from throughout our county and state, with other states represented also, and they are so generously donating funds for the erection of a highway marker at the site where Karsner Airfield once was located. I thank you.