• Letter to the editor: Royce Adams throws his support behind Hammons for state rep.

    I am very proud to endorse Wanda Crupper Hammons for state representative. Wanda has what it takes to do a great job. I have known Wanda and her family for many years and, without a doubt, she is the best candidate in this race. She will be an outstanding legislator and voice in Frankfort.

  • Letter to the editor: O’Banion offers thanks for shamble support

    For the past 13 years, I have had the special privilege of being apart of the Charlie Satterwhite Memorial Golf Outing.  It has truly been a labor of love for me.  I have enjoyed meeting so many new people and working with some incredible corporate sponsors to make this event a huge success.  This year after paying the bills, we raised a little over $7,000 for our two charitable groups.  To all the golfers who participated, I offer my sincerest appreciation.   I also have to thank the following sponsors who made our event so successful.

  • Letter to the editor: Hammons suited for office

    I would like to take a moment to tell you about Wanda Hammons, candidate for state representative for the 61st district and why she is the one and only choice to fill the position.  Wanda and her family currently reside in Grant County where her selflessness, philanthropy and service to her community are seen practiced every day by her dedication and long hours to her local schools, church and public services and ongoing volunteer work in which she has shown exemplary service in each of these areas.

  • Letter to the editor: Thanks for being involved in a cleaner Owen County

    On Saturday, April 21, 2012 Cub Scout/Boy Scout Troop 891 was fortunate to be able to spend approximately six hours picking up roadside litter along U.S. 127 and KY 35 between Owenton and Sparta.
    Although it was cool and rainy, it was a great way to spend our time as the boys learned about the environment and public service locally as well as globally as Earth Day was celebrated the next day.

  • Letter to the editor: Hammons has strong family ties to county

    I would like to ask my Owen County friends to vote for my niece Wanda Crupper Hammons for state representative in the 61st District. 
    She is bright, hard working, and will work hard for you. 
    Her grandparents, A.C. and Lucille Crupper, lived 73 years on their Fortner Ridge Road farm.
    Her grandmother taught in the Owen County school system for 34 years. Her father, Clay Crupper, brothers, and sister grew up there as well.  She has strong family ties and roots from Owen County.

  • Letter to the editor: Honor your history by keeping up cemeteries

    What does “gone but not forgotten” mean? Surely it does not mean your going to keep the grave looking good because if it does, why haven’t so many graveyards been mowed? Does anybody care anymore?

    Steve Stewart 

  • Letter to the editor: Working together is the way to get things done

    When I announced to run for Congress, the Owenton News-Herald asked me what I was going to bring back to our area from Washington. I replied that there was too much Washington here already. I said that what we needed was less of Washington D.C. here, and more of who we are there.  And I would like to bring to your attention and applaud one example of that.
    I would like to congratulate and thank State Rep. Royce Adams and State Senator Damon Thayer for working together, across party lines, to get things done for us in Frankfort.

  • Letter to the editor: Letter carriers need help preventing dog attacks

    The Owenton Post Office is asking for the help of all dog owners to reduce dog bites to letter carriers as they serve the community with daily mail delivery. Recently, an alarming spike in dog bites to postal carriers has taken place in the U.S. causing pain, suffering, and lost work days to postal employees.

  • Grassroots helps keep party strong

    I am writing to thank the Owen County Republican Committee for inviting me to speak with them at The Smith House recently and to congratulate them on their successful re-organization this year.

  • Truck will be valuable to entire community

    Letters to the editor by

    Truck will help our community

    The Owen County Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank the following people:
    • Vogel/POH/Fire Services and E-One for building our truck.
    • The 2011 Owen County Volunteer Fire Department truck committee was Robb Chaney, Greg Estes, Jeff Wright, Marlin Webster, Jackie Webster, Darrel Hearn, David Lilly, Rick Morgan and Josh Willobuy for countless hours of meeting, discussing what we needed.