• Letter to the editor: Time to wake up America

    The below e-mail was passed to me with only the initials (CB) to identify it; therefore, I cannot verify the content, but as I pondered the brave men and women who have fought to PASS THIS WONDERFUL COUNTRY to us I felt I must pass this information to a broader reader base than just e-mail recipients.
    Please read this carefully and prayerfully and remember this warning when you vote in November.  If our forefathers had been as naïve as our generation seems to be, we would be living under communist control today.  WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

  • Letter to the editor: Don’t support Democratic platform

    I will not vote for Wanda Crupper Hammond for Kentucky House of Representatives for our district because she swore: “I believe in the principles of the Democratic Party and intend to support its principles and policies.”
    The 2012 Democratic Party platform is the official statement of Democratic Party principles and policies and I find the principles and policies stated there in support of abortion totally unacceptable.

  • Letter to the editor: Israel deserves the support of Americans

    I will not be voting for Wanda Crupper Hammond for Kentucky House of Representatives for our district because she has sworn: “I believe in the principles of the Democratic Party and intend to support its principles and policies.”
    The Democratic Party National Platform is the official statement of the principles and policies of the Democratic Party to which politicians who run as Democrats must swear to file as a candidate.
    Those positions may be modified by the state, district and county party resolutions.

  • Letter to the editor: Government made the mess and must clean it up

  • Owen High made bad parade decision

    I always thought homecoming was a tradition of students, past, present and future, so I’m shocked and disappointed to learn that this year everyone except the high school is excluded from the homecoming parade.  I’m especially disappointed that the undefeated MBMS Rebel football team and the youth football teams, which are the feeder program to the high school football program are excluded from this tradition.

  • Letter to the editor: People helped make Owen our new home

    Walking is both good for the body and serves as a good time for reflection. There is nothing like viewing a place from the ground level, so when moving to Owenton a little over a year ago, it was natural for me to put on my walking shoes and do some exploring. What I saw was both beautiful and disheartening. Yet, the Lord had brought my husband Bill and I here for a purpose so I was determined to go beyond the obvious issues clearly seen in the aging buildings and look a bit further.

  • Letter to the editor: Environmental damage should be reported

    I have read with great interest the letter by Dr. Dwight Wallace concerning the damage that is being done to Mill Creek in Owen County by a specific motor sports business. This kind of activity truly concerns me since my husband and I also own property that has creeks on it. We have also experienced in past years, individuals on our creeks with four-wheel ATVs, cutting our fences, trespassing and destroying our property.

  • Letter to the editor: Horse Shoe Bend patrons are good stewards of land

    I’ve read a number of disturbing (letters to the editor) written attacking Horse Shoe Bend and as a frequent patron of this establishment, I feel compelled to respond.
    First of all I think it’s extremely important to do your research before forming an opinion on any issue, so I challenge concerned citizens to visit Horse Shoe Bend Off Road Park, participate in one of their events, and meet the owners before making a judgment call.

  • Letter to the editor: Visit a church this Sunday

    One of the most exciting times during a ball game to me is when the team huddles together just before the game begins.
    Many times, you will hear one of the members of the team ask a very important question: “What time Is It?”
    Then the team as a group responds by saying “Game time.”
    Friends, in the life of the church there is not a more appropriate question.  
    As believers and followers of Christ Jesus, “It’s Game Time.”

  • Letter to the editor: No one has right to damage environment

    No one has the right to irresponsibly damage and destroy a stream of water. The fish, plants, and all the living creatures of the creek come together to form a beautiful ecosystem designed by the creator of all nature.
    There is damage and destruction occurring at Mill Creek in Owen County. A company called Horse Shoe Bend Motor Sports is being investigated in connection with the damage.