• Letter to the editor: We need God back in the White House

    We as a country and a county need to get back with God and our Lord and savior. You always see and hear, “God bless America.” If you look around you he did back through the years. We have fallen away from him. He hasn’t fallen away from us.
    We Christians have let things creep upon us like a frog in warm water that sits there and is boiled before it knows about it and it’s too late.
    Prayer out of school, same-sex marriage, no Ten Commandments when or where we want them. abortion, (5there are) lots of sin in our world, all around us.

  • Letter to the editor: Students looking for old Owen pictures

    We are members of Mrs. Inman’s Owen County Elementary School Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) group. Our group is currently working on a project that uses technology to capture Owen County from the past to the present.
    We wanted to get our community involved in our project. If anyone has any information or copies of pictures on Owen County from 1819 through the 1900s, we would be very thankful. Also, if possible, we would like a picture of Col. Abraham Owen, the man from which Owen County was named.

  • Letter to the editor: God has a lot to do with elections

    At the recent Democratic National Convention the delegates took a vote to take God out of the platform. Why did Obama and some speakers end their speeches with God bless America? Were they praying and to whom were they praying? If they were praying to God, whose word is the Bible? I believe God may not bless a nation whose laws makes abortion legal.

  • Letter to the editor: Arm yourself with facts before you vote

    What does President Obama mean by fundamentally changing America? For starters, how about the Constitution? President Obama said the Constitution was written by a bunch of old men and needed to be rewritten due to the Constitution being antiquated. President Obama took an oath to uphold the Constitution, not destroy the Constitution. The Constitution gives us freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the second amendment right to keep and bear arms.

  • Letter to the editor: Firefighters appreciate community support

    The Owen County VFD would like to thank the following businesses for helping our golf scramble be a success. Without your help we are not able to do these things.

  • Letter to the editor: Get involved to preserve KET

    aAs fall begins, I am reminded that we are entering a new season of enriching programming and robust educational services offered through Kentucky Educational Television.
    Committed to education, KET continues its rich tradition of bringing trusted, world class digital learning to Kentucky classrooms. In addition, KET provides distance learning courses in physics, Latin, German and soon Chinese, early childhood education resources and training, GED preparation courses and more serving all ages.

  • Letter to the editor: Obama trying to fool the people

    On Nov 6, 2012, the President and every House seat and 33 Senate seats are up for vote. The 2012 election is more than just a decision between two candidates. This election will determine the kind of government we will have and the kind of nation our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will inherit from us.
    The next president elected along with the congress could make crucial decisions about our future economy, Social Security and health care that will affect all Americans for future generations.

  • Letter to the editor: Letter showed a distaste for the less fortunate

    I enjoy reading The News-Herald. When appearing, I especially enjoy letters to the editor. Some I find amusing, others informative. It is certainly a way to share local news and ideas. Some I agree with, others I don’t.
    The letter appearing Oct. 10, 2012, “Time to Wake Up America” I found not only to be some sort of fairy tale, supposedly occurring in a college classroom, but a cowardly way of making a statement.

  • Letter to the editor: Time to wake up America

    The below e-mail was passed to me with only the initials (CB) to identify it; therefore, I cannot verify the content, but as I pondered the brave men and women who have fought to PASS THIS WONDERFUL COUNTRY to us I felt I must pass this information to a broader reader base than just e-mail recipients.
    Please read this carefully and prayerfully and remember this warning when you vote in November.  If our forefathers had been as naïve as our generation seems to be, we would be living under communist control today.  WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

  • Letter to the editor: Don’t support Democratic platform

    I will not vote for Wanda Crupper Hammond for Kentucky House of Representatives for our district because she swore: “I believe in the principles of the Democratic Party and intend to support its principles and policies.”
    The 2012 Democratic Party platform is the official statement of Democratic Party principles and policies and I find the principles and policies stated there in support of abortion totally unacceptable.