• Letter to the editor: You can’t beat Owen emergency services

    Thank you to friends and family, E.R. doctors, nurses, EMT and all others that I don’t remember. I can tell you all one thing for sure -- prayer sure works. I know it worked for me from the churches and members that talked to God for Jim. Please don’t think that Big Jim wasn’t talking to God too.
    Thank you for the flowers, cards, food, visits at the hospital and since I’ve been home.

  • Letter to the editor: Vote and hold our officials accountable

    Hundreds of thousands of young Americans are serving our military to preserve our way of life, and yet fewer and fewer of our citizens are participating in our democracy. Nov. 4 is general election day when Kentuckians will be selecting candidates for Kentucky’s General Assembly, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives and many local offices. Members of Owen County Farm Bureau hope every voter will make their voices heard by casting informed votes for our government leaders.

  • Letter to the editor: Hammond has served Owen well

    When you are considering who you will vote for to be our sheriff in the upcoming election, I ask you to remember all that Zemer Hammond has done for our county.  I’m sure he has touched many lives in a positive way, as he has ours. 
    I want to thank him for the many times he stood in the cold rain and snow, directing traffic at school for the safety of our children and to help the school bus drivers.  Thank you, Zemer, for your service, protection and loyalty to Owen County.

    Russell and Bonnie Woodyard

  • Letters to the editor: Bess has earned respect, should be next sheriff

    I am writing this letter in support of Mark Bess for sheriff. I first met Mark at Eastern Kentucky University in 1980.  Mark and I both started our careers together with the Kentucky State Police after being accepted into the training academy in 1984.  After graduation, we were troopers together at Post 13 Hazard for several years before Mark transferred to Post 5 La Grange.  

  • Letters to the editor: Monterey Homecoming Fair was a wonderful festival

    It had been a few years since I had attended, but on Saturday, Oct. 5, several of us drove up from Frankfort to attend the Monterey Fair.  We were so pleased at the festivities.  Great live music, good variety of food vendors and artisans with handcrafted goods, people playing games and strolling   about, informational booths, politicians stumping for themselves, silent auctions and local Monterey history museum.  In spite of it being a cool, blustery day, it was a wonderful gathering with hundreds present while we attended.

  • Letters to the editor: Support Mark Bess for Owen County sheriff

    I am writing to encourage you to vote for Mark Bess as sheriff of Owen County on Nov. 4.
    He is offering his service to help make this county a better place where we can live in peace and safety. He is a man of proven integrity and is trained and experienced in law enforcement.
    I ask you to give him your support and prayers.

    Jesse Bourne

  • Letters to the editor: We need a man like Mitch McConnell in Senate

    Allison Grimes’ ads with negative comments about Mitch McConnell tempted me to write this letter.
    Ms. Grimes sure did a 180 when her popularity fell. She had always supported President Obama’s Democratic agenda but when her little platform started to crumble, she made several comments that she doesn’t support this or that of Obama’s. Now she is trying hard to divorce herself from anything Obama says or does and is attempting to stand on her own merits.

  • Letter to the editor: McConnell will help defeat gay agenda

    America does not have to drift into godless communism.
    Mitch McConnell as minority leader fought tirelessly President Obama’s anti-Christian destruction of the U.S. Constitution.
    As majority leader, Mitch can do more than slow down implementation of President Obama’s promise to “fundamentally change” the American form of government.
    As majority leader, Mitch McConnell will have the power to return America to being a constitution republic, because the majority leader decides which bills get to the floor for a vote.

  • Letter to the editor: Leslie Knight should be next circuit judge

    To the voters of the 15th Circuit, Grant, Owen and Carroll counties:
    I wish to thank all of you whole voted for me in  the May primary election for circuit judge. I am honored and grateful for your support. My family and I worked hard, and a special thanks to my daughters Klaire, Alyssa, Darcy and Lauren for walking so many miles and knocking on all those doors.

  • Letter to the editor: West points to city’s accomplishments

    I would like to announce my candidacy for re-election for mayor of the city of Owenton.
    I have done what I said I would do four years ago and more.
    We have resurfaced 21 streets. We have had 12 houses torn down, one of which had been condemned since 2005 plus one car garage and one small building.
    We have cut our regular budget by $100,000 a year plus some salaries that were too high.
    Six sections of land have been annexed into the city limits in the last 20 years that are now certified at the secretary of state.