Bonnie Strassell - Owen County Historical Society

  • Owen County Historical Society: General stores helped bind communities

    Every possible nook and cranny was enlisted to display the unique, the unusual, or the most current sought after item.
    Shelves were packed with canned goods, oil lamps, material by the yard, and the latest remedies for coughs and colds. Staples such as flour, sugar, coffee, and meal were in plentiful supply and the candy case offered a wide variety of sweets to the delight of local youngsters.

  • Owen County Historical Society: Civil War was pivotal moment in Owen Co.

    “It takes a lot of glory out of war to see the dead being buried.”

    These words were written by John F. Campbell who, as a boy on his father’s farm, witnessed the Civil War battle of Stone River. Burial of thousands of dead left a lasting impression upon John who would always lament the tragedy of Americans fighting each other.

  • Owen Historical Society News: Musical roots gaining strength once again

    Roots music is being revived, and the young people involved in its comeback are dedicated musicians determined to keep America’s heritage alive.
    With these words fiddler, singer, and traditional music preservationist John Harrod  poignantly connected with the audience at the March 8 meeting of the historical society.

  • Owen County Historical Soceity: Owen countians played role in War of 1812

    The inscribed bronze face of the commemorative medal glistens in the bright sunlight. Embedded in a tombstone, the medal serves as a salient reminder of an American war which receives little attention from the public. A war which, had we lost, would have put America under the iron rule of England once again.

  • Owen County Historical Soceity: More insight into early days of Owen County High

    Though the colors may be a bit faded and the seams somewhat frayed, the Rebel uniform remains as a reminder for Charlie Thornton of the four years he spent playing basketball for Owen County High School.

  • Owen County Historical Soceity: ‘Rebel Fight Song’ has roots in the 1950s

    “They always call our boys the Rebels
    They fight, fight to the end
    They can dribble fast or slow
    Give them the ball and just look at them go
    Hip Hip Hooray for Owen County Rebels
    They’re gonna win it tonight
    So give a great big cheer
    For the heroes of the year
    For Owen County High”

    For 60 years the Rebel Fight Song has reverberated from the walls of gymnasiums. For a few years less, it has echoed across baseball diamonds and football fields.

  • Owen County Historical Society: Owen countians share their huckster stories

    We didn’t have much money but we had a lot of love, and we shared that with everyone.

    Paying tribute to her mother and father at the historical society meeting last Thursday, Yolanda Lucas Ellis reminisced about her childhood as the daughter of an Owen county huckster.
    Yolanda was born and raised in Bromley, worked in Owen County schools for over 30 years, and she, Glenna Clifton, and Pat Smoot were the first three women to serve on the Owen County fire department.

  • Kay’s Branch News: A bit of Mexican therapy pays off for Branch neighbor

    Rosemary was back in church on Sunday. She was invited to by a friend of hers to go to Cancun for a week vacation in her time-share down there.
    Rosemary had knee surgery at the end of the year and her friend kept her walking on the beach every day to exercise her knee.
    Rosemary said she really didn’t appreciate it at the time but by the time she got home, her knee was much stronger and the 85-degree weather didn’t hurt either. I think she had a wonderful time even with the therapy.

  • Owen Historical Society News: Huckster story harkens back to by-gone day

    In the 1930’s Owen countians recognized the piercing blast of the air-horn as it echoed up and down the hills and hollows of Owen.
    The words “Here Comes Bob” painted on a large, rambling red truck were the only introduction needed to announce the weekly visit of the Bromley huckster Bob Lucas.
    Yolanda Lucas Ellis, Bob’s daughter, was the official horn blower for her father as she accompanied him from community to community; and she will share some of her childhood memories at the historical society meeting Thursday.

  • Owen Historical Society News: Talk will help explain what a huckster was

    Even though Owen County has yet to see a major snowfall, to the delight of adults and dismay of the younger crowd, the Owen County Historical Society Board spent several hours last week making plans for spring and summer.
    The backyard of the museum will display several new surprises, including a riverboat mural gracing the concrete building in the back yard of McDonald and New Funeral Home.
    Our resident sign painter Jarl Lee Harris will begin the project sometime in April as weather permits.