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  • Remembering the ‘Old Harris School’

    By Ruth Ann Thornton Bateman

  • Troubleshooting tomato problems

    By Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardner

  • Livestock Market Report | July 19, 2017

    July 19, 2017

    Cattle receipts: 265
    Last week: 613
    Last year: 328

    Compared to last week: On a limited test feeder steers and heifers sold near steady, slaughter cows 1-2 higher, no test on bulls.

    Feeders: 225
    Slaughter: 28
    Replacements: 0

  • Old crows and yapping little dogs are only nuisances

    By Roger Alford

  • Despite a blow to the church, ‘it is well with my soul’

    The news was horrific and sordid: Church staff member arrested for a sexually salacious crime.
    Sadly commonplace, it happens all over the U.S. — you just never expect it to happen to your church.
    But last week, it happened to mine when our former worship director was arrested and charged with multiple sex-related crimes against minors.
    A local sheriff’s detective called him a “textbook predator.”
    We as a church loved him — still love him. And we as a church abhor what he has done.

  • Church News | July 26, 2017

    Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church

    “How Great Thou Art” was beautifully sung in harmony by the mother and daughter duo of Louann and Morgan Waldner who were visiting Roy, Nila, and Alice Marksberry from California, along with Mason and Callie. Joe McNay gave the message from James 3: 2-10 Sunday morning. Sunday evening, Mike Marston’s message was from Exodus 8:25, 28.
    Happy birthday to Angie Weddle. Happy anniversary to John David and Kara Jean Criswell and Joe and Tina McNay.

  • Looking Back | July 26, 2017

    July 25, 2012
    5 years ago
    Fitzgerald has spent a lifetime focusing on children: 2012 Owen County Mother of the Year

    Some may remember her as a school bus driver, others as an Owen County School District cafeteria worker, or cheering on Owen County’s many sports – but this year everyone will know Bonnie Fitzgerald as Owen County Mother of the year.
    Fitzgerald received the honor July 18 at the Owen County 4-H Fair and Horse Show.

  • Owen District Court | July 26, 2017

    July 21, 2017

    Phillip William Allen, 1973, second-degree fleeing or evading police, one headlight, no/expired Kentucky registration receipt and failure to produce insurance card, continued on Aug. 18.
    Rodrick Deitz, 1979, second-degree assault, preliminary hearing set for July 28.

  • ‘Marry a man who will answer the phone’

    The phone rang sometime in the dead zone between midnight and dawn. It may have been the second year we were married, or maybe the third, because I know we were living in our first house, not the apartment, but we did not yet have children. Later, our who-cares-a-fig-what-time-it-is babies would wreak havoc with our nights, but back then a pre-dawn wake-up call was an extraordinary event.

  • ‘Free Frank’ sold gunpowder to free himself, family

    He came to Kentucky as a slave in the 1790s. After his daily work, his master leased him to other farmers and permitted the young man to earn a little of his own money. This young slave, Frank, was also an entrepreneur. He explored local Kentucky caves, collected niter, boiled it down to make salt peter and combined it with sulfur and charcoal to produce gunpowder.
    Frank sold his gunpowder on the streets of Lexington, and was able to make enough cash to not only buy his freedom but that of his wife and a son.