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  • Kindles change education at Owen County schools

    By Karen Watson
    Owen County Primary
    Our building has been granted two Kindles per grade level. In our building, we are currently using them in the collaborative and resource setting. The Kindles have enhanced our teaching in centers within the collaborative setting.

  • Owen County District Court: March 30, 2012

    Thomas K. Blackburn, 1983, first-degree forgery, theft of identity of another without consent, theft by unlawful taking, pleaded not guilty, appointed public attorney, preliminary hearing set for April 13.
    Earl Carpenter, 1981, contempt of court, continued to April 27.
    Timothy A. Caylor, 1972, 60 days, credit time served.
    Timothy Allen Caylor, 1972, first-degree indecent exposure, pleaded guilty, 365 days, to serve 62, credit time served, conditionally discharged for the balance.

  • Owen Historical Society News: Owen Co. grew because of tobacco

    Tobacco is not only America’s oldest agricultural commodity, it is also one of the oldest plants native to the new world. Explorers who first observed its use capitalized on its commercial promise, and by the 1500’s the leaf was introduced to the European aristocracy.

  • No Cat convert this year

    No Cat convert this year

    We tried, Coach Cal.
    Thanks for the effort, Michael.
    I appreciate it, Anthony.
    You guys kept up your end of the deal.
    But unfortunately, it didn’t take.

    Last week, I shared my secret shame - my daughter is a Louisville Cardinal fan.
    Like a parent ushering their kid to rehab, I hoped that she would see the error of her ways by exposing her to a better way - The Way of The Wildcat.
    I had hoped that Saturday night’s Final Four showdown between Kentucky and Louisville would snap her back to her senses.

  • Echoes of his banjo linger on forever

    Nothing has hit me quite this hard since that fall morning in 2007, the morning I got in my car and turned on the radio to hear Porter Wagoner’s classic “Green, Green Grass Of Home.” I had assured myself that since I was starting my day off with Porter, it was sure to be a red letter day. As the last few notes of the song drifted off the airwaves, the DJ’s voice was solemn as he announced that one of country music’s last great gems had died.

  • Another round for Satterwhite

    Charlie Satterwhite loved golf. He also loved the University of Kentucky, especially the basketball team.
    When organizers decided to move up the start time of the 13th Annual Charlie Satterwhite Memorial Golf Shamble to accommodate the start of UK’s Final Four game with the University of Louisville, it only seemed fitting.
    Before the shotgun start, Satterwhite’s daughter Sara told participants that her dad would be on the course in spirit.

  • Superintendent says MBMS will be hit hardest by cuts

    As Owen County school district’s site-based decision making councils prepare to make cuts in all schools, Owen County School District Superintendent David Raleigh said Maurice Bowling Middle School will be hit the hardest.
    Raleigh said most councils won’t meet until after spring break, but any staff being cut must be notified by May 15.
    “We’d like to have schedules put together as soon as we possibly can,” Raleigh said. “Those decisions that have to be made really drive how our schedules are put together.”

  • Cat Crazy

    Bee Spicer has seen a lot of changes in the University of Kentucky basketball program over the years and once attended a UK game at the Memorial Coliseum, but even Spicer said she has never seen a team like the 2012 NCAA national champions.
    Spicer said she has followed the Cats since the 1950s and once ran into (former UK player) Cotton Nash at a game, but nothing could compare to this year’s lineup.

  • Georgia educator to lead Owen County High

    When the doors of Owen County High School open for the 2012-13 school year students will be under new leadership.
    Duane Kline, who currently serves as director of operations for the Butts County School District in Georgia, was awarded the position out of a total of 12 applicants.
    Owen County School District Superintendent David Raleigh said Kline had served as principal of Jackson High School in Jackson, Ga. for 10 years before taking on an administrative role within the district.

  • An intervention in New Orleans

    It’s no secret that divorce can have a terrible impact on children. Some kids act out, get in trouble with the law or start hanging around the wrong crowd.
    This new crowd may lead to terrible changes in their behavior or world viewpoint.
    This happened to my own daughter Elizabeth.
    After our separation, Elizabeth moved to Louisville to live with her mom. I stayed in the bluegrass area.
    She quickly fell into the wrong crowd and that moment most fathers around here dread happening happened.
    She became a Cardinals fan.