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  • Summer camp returns to Owen to enrich young minds following hiatus

    N-H Intern

    For the first time in over four years, Owen County students K-5 got the opportunity to attend summer camp and enrich their summers with hands-on learning.

    The Owen County 21st Century Community Learning Center (CLC) based the camp activities around STEAM principles which include science, technology, engineering, art and math.

    Director of CLC Blair Baldwin said it is shown that kids tend to lose academic progress during school breaks.

  • Governor appoints Robertson to PVA post

    Gov. Matt Bevin signed an executive order Friday officially appointing Blake Robertson as county property valuation administrator.

    Robertson, a 27-year-old Republican, was one of 10 who took the required examination to hold the office May 30.

    The vacancy was created following the death of James “Jimmy” Coyle April 21.

    Robertson serves as pastor at Mussel Shoals Baptist Church and has worked as a field representative in the PVA’s office since 2011.

  • Where do we go from here?

    Downtowns and main streets across the nation used to be the core of all commerce, but as business has shifted away during the last few decades from downtowns toward the interstate highways and suburbs of metropolitan areas, some downtowns are abandoned and littered with vacant storefronts.

    Although Owenton’s downtown has avoided some of the collapse thanks to long-existing businesses and the lack of a nearby interstate, the downtown did not emerge unscathed as shopping habits of consumers across the nation have changed.

  • Recreation area sought by council

    A plan to turn the Lower Thomas Lake into a recreation area was presented to council members at Tuesday’s Owenton City Council meeting.

  • Young Owen countians overcome early childhood struggle

    In the 1800s famine hit Ireland and more than 2 million Irish immigrated to America. The Brown family was part of this seemingly unending wave of starving yet determined people who looked to a new life and a new land of opportunity.

    The Browns settled in Virginia, and not long after the births of their children, both died, leaving behind four young orphans.

  • Looking back | June 15, 2016

    A new center of town
    June 15, 2011 | 5 years ago

    Doreen McElroy wants a bench outside the new Monterey Community Center so people in downtown Monterey will have a place to sit down with neighbors and shoot the breeze.

    Her idea was one of several presented Thursday night when more than a dozen concerned Monterey residents gathered to discuss plans for the new center.

    “We had lots of very good ideas,” McElroy said. “It was a very good meeting and I think everyone was happy with the turnout.”

  • Court News | June 15, 2016

    Owen District Court | June 10, 2016

    Micah Curtis, 1978, flagrant non-support, contempt of court, preliminary hearing set for June 17.

    James B. Daugherty, 1980, first-degree burglary, receiving stolen property under $10,000, probable cause established, transferred to grand jury, continued to June 14.

    Anthony Wayne Mahoney, 1972, receiving stolen property under $10,000, probable cause established, transferred to grand jury, continued to June 14.

  • Property Transfers | May 2016

    Michael Rollins, Peggie P. Tisch-Rollins and Peggie P. Tisch to Brandon W. Bass and Wendy D. Bass, land in Owen County, $112,000.

    Michael Marksberry and Tracie Marksberry to Dennis Gray and Juliett Gray, lot numbers 21, 22 and 23 in the Eagle Valley subdivision, $5,000.

    Dennis A. Wilson, Dennis Allen Wilson, Dennis A. Wilson unknown spouse, Branch Banking and Trust Company and Master Commissioner Mark R. Cobb to Branch Banking and Trust Company, land on the south side.

    Mark Daniel Webb to Daniel Carmack, lot 43 of the Eagle Creek Campground.

  • Community News | June 15, 2016

    Class of ‘55 to meet at Smith House Restaurant

    The Owen County High School Class of 1955 will meet at 1:30 p.m., Sunday, June 26, for lunch or pie and coffee anytime. For more information, call Joyce Crupper at 859-234-7535 or Peggy Davis at 502-484-2646.

    First Christian to take appointments for food pantry June 14

  • At the Library | June 15, 2016

    The Summer Reading Program is all about fitness this year; fitness of mind and body. Keep up your reading schedule and keep your mind fit. Keep joining us on Wednesdays for body and mind fitness program. Plus kids get free fair tickets again this year for keeping a reading log and adults can be entered in a contest for really special prizes. Summer fun is cool at the library this year.

    Silly Safaris: Animal Athletes