Today's Features

  • On April the 27 the Owen County Prayer Coalition, Pray Owen County, met at the home of Letha Lowe. This was the second such meeting she has held since accepting the KPC position as the county coordinator. The seed for the formation of the Kentucky Prayer Coalition was planted in 2014 and grew to fruition through ongoing intercessory prayer by many who have a passion for covering our state and it’s leaders in prayer. In 2016 Aprile and Howard Hunt became the official leaders and coordinators of the KPC effort across Kentucky.

  • Old Cedar Baptist
    We had a great day Sunday at Old Cedar. David Stahl was our guest and he shared in music and testimony with us and blessed all who came.
    He is so talented and gifted as a singer and musician and we hope to have him back soon.
    Cecilia Webber sang a beautiful song entitled, “Even If.” It was spot on for what we have been going through as a church.

  • April 19, 2017

    Cattle Receipts: 977
    Last week: 903
    Last year: 972

    Feeders: 845
    Slaughter: 100
    Replacements: 32

    Compared to last week: Feeder steers sold $3-$5 higher, heifers $4-$6 higher except 500-600 lbs. were $5-$7 higher, slaughter cows $4-$5 higher, bulls $3-$4 higher.

  • by Steve Musen

  • by Jeneen Wiche

  • I have had to get out the winter clothes and put them back up this weekend. The weather has turned on us again. Spring in February and winter in April; I should have known not to change out my closets before June.

  • by Roger Alford

  • Last week, the Rev. Doug Shepherd died.
    I met him in 2002 at his auto parts business.
    His dad was in the auto business too, and they were both Pentecostal preachers.
    I had been writing a story for the paper about the 100th anniversary of Pentecostalism, and although I had lots of history and background information, I wanted to talk to a real-live Pentecostal.
    At the time, “Brother Shepherd” preached on Sundays, but during the week he fixed cars.

  • Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church
    Our pastor is the Rev. David “Milkweed” Wotier. The deacon of the month is Ralph Toole.
    Early morning worship begins at 9 a.m., Sunday; Sunday school at 10 a.m.; worship service at 11 a.m.; youth group fellowship at 5 p.m.; choir practice, adult and youth group at 6 p.m. and evening worship service at 7 p.m.
    Family night and organizational meetings and all other graded activities begin at 7 p.m., Wednesday.

  • March 29, 2017
    Receipts: 746
    Last Week: 843
    Year Ago: 733
    Compared to last Wednesday:
    Feeder steers under 600 lbs.
    steady, over 600 lbs. $2-$4 higher,
    Feeder heifers $3-$5 higher,
    good to very good demand for
    feeder classes. Slaughter cows
    and bulls steady with good
    Feeders: 670
    Slaughter: 54
    Replacements: 22
    Supply included 36 percent
    over 600 lbs. and 34 heifers.
    Feeder Steers Medium &
    Large #1-#2: 326 lbs. $146.99;