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  • In 1782 the bald eagle was chosen as the centerpiece for the great seal of the United States. The following year, Benjamin Franklin declared that the artistic rendition of the eagle looked more like a turkey, which he postulated would have been a better choice as an American symbol.
    In a letter to his daughter, Franklin wrote: “Others object to the bald eagle as looking too much a dindon, or turkey. For my own part, I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen as the representative of our country.”

  • This has been a very good week on the Branch. The weather was mild to downright hot.
    I had my Hand and Foot ladies on Friday. It was my turn to host the card group. We had the doors open, and it was 78 degrees. We are a bit dry. We only had about two-tenths of an inch of rain, but the Branch never looked better. We had a good afternoon, and they got started home before dark.

  • by Roger Alford

  • Dear God,
    Here I am again, my 17th year of making public my thanks and gratitude to you for yet another year of your faithful kindness and goodness to me.
    Lord, you and I have walked together for nearly 40 years, and even when I’ve strayed from the path, you’ve never left my side or dropped hold of my hand, even for a moment.
    You have walked with me through “hell and high water,” through the fire and over the rocky roads. Often I’ve been afraid, although always needlessly.

  • Owenton First Baptist
    A spirit of joy was felt by all as we gathered to worship the Lord this past Sunday.
    Our pastor brought the message from John 7 entitled “An Incomparable Invitation.”
    Sunday evening we participated in the Community Thanksgiving Service.
    Our young ladies concluded the drive for Operation Christmas Child with a special prayer of blessing for all the children who would be receiving the special gifts.

  • by Steve Musen

  • by Jeneen Wiche

  • By Meredith Willse
    Kentucky New Era
    “Hey Jeff, after everyone leaves, we’re racing,” Andy Grace said to his friend, Jeff Oakley, Saturday on the Universal Access Trail in Lake Barkley State Resort Park.
    Both men were in wheelchairs and were in the midst of breaking in the park’s newest addition.
    Oakley was a former employee of the park who, on Oct. 22, 1993, broke his neck and became wheelchair bound.

  • In rural America, many of these vital people are perhaps best pictured as dressed in overalls and walking behind a plow or sitting atop a tractor.
    Their eyes crinkle at the corners from years of squinting in the sun, and their strong, calloused hands speak of tireless devotion to the land.

  • The cold weather has finally caught up with us. We have had a couple of frosts here in the valley, but neither John nor Ann had seen any up on the hill. John came down the beginning of last week and with Ann’s help, they cleaned out the chimney and stove pipes and made my wood stove in the basement “fire ready” for when the cold weather finally arrived.