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  • I really didn’t plan to write this morning. I have had an old fashion head cold all through the holidays. It started on Wednesday before Christmas and got progressively worse for the next two weeks. I have made the man that owns Kleenex very much richer over the past two weeks. My apatite is just beginning to come back, along with my ability to smell.
    So here I am at the computer typing away with very little to say.

  • A police officer happened upon a fellow on his hands and knees under a street light searching intently for something.
     “What are you looking for?” the policeman asked.
     “I lost my car keys,” the fellow responded.
     After helping the fellow search for a long while without finding the keys, the police officer asked: “Are you sure you lost them here?”
     “No, I lost them over yonder somewhere, but the light is much better here.”

  • When my daughter, Laura, was 7 or so, I took her for swimming lessons at the community pool. She liked kicking while holding onto the pool’s side, and didn’t mind putting her face in the water. She even did quite well swimming across the pool.
    But when it came time to jump off the diving board, she decided little girls weren’t meant to leap from a place of safety into a potentially unsafe place.

  • Owenton First Baptist

    The New Year was kicked off with a great day of worship. Our pastor brought a challenging message from Proverbs 3 that dealt with three things to consider that will lead to a successful year. We look forward to all that 2017 will unveil to us in our pursuit of Christ and his glory.
    Tonight (Wednesday) we will have regular services for the adults, youth and children that will all start at 6:45 p.m.

  • 19th-century physician, historian and author William Osler wrote: “Soap and water and common sense are the best disinfectants.”
    This statement still holds true today, for it has been verified that good old-fashion soap and water are every bit as effective as the most costly sanitizer.
    The earliest recipe for soap making was found on a Babylonian clay tablet, dated around 2200 B.C.; and the ancient Egyptians were known to have bathed regularly, using their own special highly-scented soap.

  • This is the last column of 2016. We have all made it through Christmas and it’s downhill all the way to 2017.

  • As a child, Christmastime was always a magical time. It was the time of year when the weather outside became cooler and boxes of ornaments and decorations would make their yearly appearance from storage. Candies, like fudge, cookies, Chex Mix, or “doo-dads” as we called them, buckeye balls and that white peanut butter candy that no one could remember the name of was made and quickly eaten, however, some was always saved for that jolly guy who slid down the chimney.

  • Dec. 14, 2016

    Cattle Receipts: 791
    Last week: 886
    Last year: 489

    Compared to last week: Feeder steers under 600 lbs. $2-$3 lower, over 600 lbs. steady- $2 higher, afternoon sales sharply lower on a very light demand. Feeder heifers under 500 lbs. $2-$3 lower, over 500 lbs. steady- $3 higher, afternoon sales sharply lower on a very light demand, slaughter cows and bulls steady- $1 lower.
    Feeders: 723
    Slaughter: 60
    Replacements: 8

  • by Steve Musen

  • by Jeneen Wiche