Features http://www.owentonnewsherald.com/features/todaysfeatures en Extension Service News: Extension celebrates 100 years of volunteers http://www.owentonnewsherald.com/content/extension-service-news-extension-celebrates-100-years-volunteers <p> The organization of thriving communities is characterized by the mobilization of its volunteers. For the past 100 years, the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service has been successful in recruiting, developing and retaining high quality volunteers of all ages.<br /> Kay's Branch News, Dec. 3, 2014: Lots to be thankful for on the Branch this season http://www.owentonnewsherald.com/content/kays-branch-news-dec-3-2014-lots-be-thankful-branch-season <p> I seem to always start with corrections. This week is no different. Joel&rsquo;s trip to Italy wasn&rsquo;t delayed by bad weather in the states, it was held up in Italy because the plane they were to fly home in had a missing part in the tail section of the plane.<br /> Mills have rich history in Owen County http://www.owentonnewsherald.com/content/mills-have-rich-history-owen-county <p> For 90 years they have nestled against the home of Monterey resident Margaret Murphy. Over time the elements pummeled their surface in an attempt to claim them, yet the mill stones of&nbsp;Branham&rsquo;s mill&nbsp;have survived; and their presence reflects the enduring history of Owen County grist&nbsp;mills.<br /> Historical Society News: Canby community lives on in Sylvia Perkins' memories http://www.owentonnewsherald.com/content/historical-society-news-canby-community-lives-sylvia-perkins-memories <p> Today the scope of the landscape has changed. The few remaining large family farms stand as sentinels serenely as Canby grows, offering newcomers a chance to settle amid the rolling hills of Owen County.<br /> Sylvia Perkins is a lot like Canby. She has lived in the community most of her life; and though age has slowed her a bit, her steadfast presence remains as an unmoving witness to the ageless nobility of land and people.<br /> Kay's Branch News: Bridge club celebrates member's 90th birthday http://www.owentonnewsherald.com/content/kays-branch-news-bridge-club-celebrates-members-90th-birthday <p> It&rsquo;s 29 degrees on the Branch this morning, but the weatherman says we&rsquo;ll have a couple more days of pleasant weather before the bottom drops out of the thermometer.<br /> Messages from the pulpit: Nov. 12, 2014 http://www.owentonnewsherald.com/content/messages-pulpit-nov-12-2014 <p> <strong>Monterey Baptist</strong><br /> It was a privilege to recognize the veterans in our congregation today.&nbsp; As the military medley played, the men stood while their branch&rsquo;s song was being played. &nbsp;<br /> Our deepest gratitude to Jim Bob Cook (Air Force), Joe Peters (Army), Gary Derringer (Army), Foster Smith (Army) and Melvin Miller (Army). We should never forget the sacrifice the men and women (past and present) have made so we could worship freely. May God bless you.&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /> Owen County Historical Society News: Oct. 29, 2014 http://www.owentonnewsherald.com/content/owen-county-historical-society-news-oct-29-2014 <p> Morgan&rsquo;s presence touched the soul of the people.<br /> He was a folk hero of the South and won the admiration of many as he wrought havoc upon the Union Army. He was a master of guerilla warfare and against overwhelming odds John Hunt Morgan left an indelible mark upon the hearts of a nation.<br /> Owen Historical Society News: Sitting up with the dead was a tradition http://www.owentonnewsherald.com/content/owen-historical-society-news-sitting-dead-was-tradition <img src="http://www.owentonnewsherald.com/sites/www.owentonnewsherald.com/files/imagecache/thumb85/bonnie-strassell_24.jpg" alt="Bonnie Strassell" title="Bonnie Strassell" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> She knew her heart was weak, and that if she bore another child the stress of labor might prove fatal.<br /> In June of 1925, this young Owen County woman&rsquo;s heart gave out as she attempted&nbsp; to deliver her fourth child; and Mattie Agnes Smith Karsner and her unborn baby were buried together on the gentle rolling slope of Monterey cemetery.<br />