Kays Branch News

  • Peas and Poetry, meteorite shower make for big week on the Branch

    Schools starts today. I haven’t had a child in school since John graduated, I won’t tell you how long ago that has been. My great-grandchildren will be starting school in Frankfort.
    Noel Thomas started his bus route Monday. He is driving some students to classes in Carrollton. Joel will have to start coordinating his deliveries in the late afternoon with the bus run coming home. Kay’s Branch Road is not built for school buses and semis to coexist.

  • ‘World’s Longest Yard Sale’ brings friendly visitor to Kay’s Branch

    The 127 Yard Sale will dominate the news this week but before I get into that, at Church on Sunday, Sue told me she barely got to church because they had driven home from Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday night.

  • Branch resident meets new cousins on trip north

    This weather has fried my brain. Wanda had been on vacation, and I have been in the TV room all week sitting with the air conditioner and the ceiling fans, the TV and Dobbs — so I had nothing to write about. I emailed Molly and said there would be no column. I had just turned on the TV when I got a call from Wanda who was driving home to ask if I had gotten her contribution to the column. I came to the kitchen, and sure enough, there was her news, so I emailed Molly again and said there would be a column forthcoming.

  • A little sprucing up on the Branch
  • Saying goodbye to a dear old friend
  • A good week for fathers on the Branch

    July 3 already. I am not ready and neither is Wanda. She said she feels like it’s a slippery slide to fall. Despite all the dire predictions for rain, the Branch was rain free and all the activities for the holiday came off as planned. Mother Nature was good to us. I think everybody that celebrates the Fourth of July did it over the weekend.

  • Rain is the big news on the Branch

    First, I must correct an error I made last week. It was Mike Raisor’s birthday on my anniversary, not Mike Perry. Mike Perry is my daughter’s contemporary. Sorry to both Mikes.

  • A good week for fathers on the Branch

    Father’s Day weekend was celebrated in the Traylor family with the arrival of Ellis James Traylor. Ray is a first-time grandfather, and his son Todd is a new father. Mother and son are doing just fine. Congratulations to the new parents.

  • ‘Haying’ in full swing on Kay’s Branch

    Hay, hay and more hay — and I do mean the kind one feeds to the stock. Everybody in the area is rushing to get their hay cut, dried and baled before it rains. Ray got his cut and stored for the coming winter last week. Fay said they were planning to get theirs finished the first of this week. I have seen large rolls of hay on all the fields from Frankfort to Owenton. That’s about the only road I travel anymore.
    I got my hard mowed Saturday, so now we will have a drought. After all the rain we’ve had this spring, it’s bound to happen.

  • If Heaven has a golf course: Remembering an old friend

    Sorry I didn’t write the column last week. I was very “down” over the death of Frank McDonald and just couldn’t think of anything to say.
    Everybody else was thinking about cutting hay. Should I or shouldn’t I. Most got faked out about the extended forecast and decided not and it would have been a great week for haying. You win some; you lose some. That’s farming.