Win prizes in this year’s Health & Wealth Challenge

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Extension Service News By Judy Hetterman

Six habits — six weeks.
That is the challenge the Northern Kentucky Cooperative Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Agents are giving to everyone in the eight-county northern Kentucky area. Health & Wealth Challenge 2011 runs from Aug. 29 to Oct. 9.
Those who complete and log six health and wealth habits during the challenge, and submit their completed tracker form will be eligible for a number of nice prizes including an overnight stay at General Butler State Resort Park with breakfast for two, iTunes gift cards, gas cards, and “Living Well Cookbooks.”
You can get a copy of the log by calling the extension office at 484-5703 or online at http://ces.ca.uky.edu/owen-files/FCS/Healthandwealthchallengetracker.pdf.
Health & Wealth Challenge 2011 is designed to motivate people to be intentionally active, eat breakfast, save pocket change, be mindful about their eating habits by not eating or drinking anything except water while in a moving vehicle, follow the “My Plate” guidelines at least once a day, and track their money spent by writing it down.
Remember the old phrase “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”? That single step is doing something positive every day. “Make progress every day” is a strategy for improving health and increasing wealth because it promotes a healthy attitude about behavior change. Many people fail to make the connection between big goals and the small steps required to achieve them. They expect progress to “happen” instead of building progress steps into their daily activities.
The secret to making progress is getting started — today.
There are no “magic bullets” that guarantee health and wealth. But daily progress will build upon itself, just like compound interest. If you do something consistently, at least five times a week, you will make steady progress. Each little step adds to the ones before it.
Contact your friends at the Owen County Extension Service at (502) 484-5703 for a brochure about each of the six “health & wealth” habits along with the log so you can start tracking those habits this week.
Information and an entry form are also on-line at http://ces.ca.uky.edu/owen-files/FCS/Healthandwealthchallengetracker.pdf.

Source: Rosie Allen, Gallatin County Cooperative Extension Agent for Family & Consumer Sciences.