Willoughby joins city council

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By Molly Haines

When city councilman John Stewart’s resignation became effective on Aug. 11, Mayor David “Milkweed” Wotier took on the task of finding someone to fill Stewart’s position. The decision became final at this month’s city council meeting.

Joshua Willoughby, 23, is the newest city councilman. Willoughby works full-time with the Carroll County EMS and part-time with Owen County EMS. He and his wife, Melinda, have been living in Owenton for a little over a year.

“Ever since I’ve been hanging around Owen County I’ve had a passion for the city [of Owenton] and the county,” said Willoughby. “I wanted to help the people as much as I could. When Milkweed called and asked me about it, I was very surprised and very humbled. I had expressed interest in someday running for city councilman, but I always thought it was just something I’d love to do but that it would never happen. It’s just an awesome experience.”

“He could be the youngest city council member we’ve ever had,” said Wotier. “He’s certainly qualified for the job. I think he’s looking out for the best interest of the community and I think he’ll do a good job.”

“I think it’ll be interesting,” said Willoughby. “Since I haven’t always lived in Owenton, I’m kind of like an outsider looking in. I think I’ll see things that others who have lived here their whole lives maybe don’t see. One of my big things is the issue of updating the ordinances for the city to cut costs and save money for the people. That’s what politics is – it’s all about the people” said Willoughby.

“I have some pretty big shoes to fill. John Stewart was an excellent voice for the people and the city,” Willoughby said.

Willoughby’s term ends on Dec. 31. At that time he intends to run as a write-in candidate.