Wheatley News By Rena Kendall

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Neighbors invited to Wheatley Community Center meeting

The Wheatley Community Center has scheduled a meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Community Center.  There are several items of business that need to be discussed including  repairs on the building.  One family from the Wheatley Community  donated a new gas furnace, so plans need to be made for this installation.  We certainly appreciate their generous contribution.
We have been given the opportunity to participate in a great fund-raiser which could generate a considerable amount of money for the center. Volunteers will be needed for the two-day event.
We need to raise $1,500 to finish paying off the roof that was installed last summer.
Other fund-raisers have been suggested so these will be discussed and plans made for some summer events.
We need the input and help of all the community. If you have an interest in the Community Center,  please make plans to attend this meeting. Young people and adults are encouraged to bring your ideas to the meeting.
The center is used by various community members for an assortment of events.  Each year the R.O. and Mary L.Williams descendants use the Center for their Christmas Family Celebration.  
In 2010, nearly 100 family members gathered for a day of good food and reminiscing.
Recently, a surprise 50th birthday party was hosted and enjoyed by many family members of another Wheatley family.  I won’t mention who – they may not want their age to be known.  There is a wedding and reception scheduled for one Saturday in May – probably the first real wedding to take place at the Center.
The Community Center is not just a wonderful historical building in our community, but is used for many events and for emergencies such as the flood that hit Eagle Valley in 1997.
We need your help to make the repairs and to work the fund-raisers so we can have money for the repairs. Young and old – please come to our planning meeting. There is a job for everyone.
See you on May 2.