West looks back at 2013 and ahead to next year

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As 2013 comes to a close, Owenton Mayor Doug West is hopeful the next year will see more business within the City of Owenton.
The Owenton City Council approved a resolution in 2012 for a three-year tax break from the city for any new businesses in town.
West said he had hoped other taxing districts would follow suit but there was never any response from the districts.
“You’ve got to have some incentives to get businesses here,” West said. “Everybody works out of town. They shop at Kroger and Walmart and they go out of town to spend their money.”
West said he plans to have a website set up for the City of Owenton after the first of the year as a means to showcase what the City of Owenton has to offer.
“If we have a website, we have a way for people to see what we have to offer,” West said. “We can list the attractions we have and the tax break and that might attract some business here.”
West said he also hopes to setup an outdoor flea market around the Owen County Courthouse square for the first Saturday of each month.
“I think that would draw people into the city,” West said. “It would be comparable to everyone setup at Sweet Owen Day, but Seminary Street wouldn’t be included.”
As for 2013, West said the Owenton City Council had nine streets blacktopped and repairs to five sections of sidewalk, including two curbs.
Along with blacktopping and sidewalk repairs, three houses, the former Payne Chevrolet building and one small car garage were torn down.
“Cleaning up our city is the main thing,” West said. “We get a little bit more done on that every year.”