West calls for change of city attorney

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By Molly Haines

With just a few days under his belt as Owenton mayor, Doug West has announced he will not re-appoint the current Owenton city attorney.
In a phone interview Monday, West said he has chosen to not re-appoint Mark Cobb as Owenton city attorney.
West will recommend another local attorney, Mitzy Evans, to the post which advises the city on legal matters and potential litigation.
The Owenton City Council must approve the nomination before Evans can assume the role.
West said he wanted the city attorney to be more aggressive.
“It was nothing against Mark,” West said. “I just think it’s time for a change, and we need someone a little bit more aggressive in there.”
West said Evans could bring a fresh perspective to the council.
“She’s a younger person and she needs the work,” West said. “I just think a new, younger and more aggressive person would do a better job.”
West said the council was expected to make a decision during his first city council meeting Tuesday evening.
“They can either approve or disapprove,” West said. “But either way, it has to be somebody that I nominate.”
West said if the council does not approve of Evans taking over the position, he would declare it vacant.