Weather woes continue

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By Molly Haines

As scattered showers continued to fall across Owen County Monday, one Owen County farmer began the cleanup process after a confirmed tornado just over the Grant County line on Pettit Pike destroyed four of his tobacco barns.
Asa Phillips, a longtime Owen County farmer and first district magistrate said the damages took place Saturday afternoon.
“They were all pretty new,” Phillips said. “I built them myself in 97 or 98 with a few others helping me. We’re going to put them back, we’ve got to.”
The barns were each insured at about $40,000.
“It’ll cost us every bit of that and maybe even more to put them back up,” Phillips said.
According to the National Weather Service, a tornado also struck just east of Dry Ridge in Grant County and in Southern Kenton County Saturday.
Owen County Road Supervisor Greg Smoot said Old Landings, Twin Creek and Eagle Creek Campground Roads were closed Monday due to backwater over the roads.
Old Monterey Road and Lucas Lane were closed at different times over the weekend due to Flash Flooding, Smoot said.
“We had a few locations where roads washed out over culverts because the pipes just wouldn’t take the water that was coming down,” Smoot said. “As far as flooding in homes goes, it’s hard to say. We just got word that they were going to be releasing water from Dix Dam and that always has an impact here.”
Over the past week, Smoot said most of the water has been local, but with forecasters expecting more rain through today south of Owen County – more water could be headed this way.
A flood warning for Owen County was issued Sunday and remained in effect until 9 p.m. Monday.
Strong storms were expected over Owen County throughout the day today.