Water will soon flow along Harmony Road

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By Molly Haines

After years of being promised water, the dream has finally come true for those living on Harmony Road.

The Peaks Mill Water District in Franklin County will be providing water once all of the property easements for water lines are in place. Owen County Magistrate Teresa Davis said all but two easements have been signed.

Davis said bids for construction on the water line will be put out in September and bidding will open the first of October. If all goes well, Harmony Road should have water by Christmas.

The water line will run up the left side of Harmony Road but those living on both sides will be able to hook up to the line, Davis said.

Some Harmony Road residents met at the Harmony Baptist Church with representatives from the Peaks Mill Water District Thursday, Davis said.

“Everybody had the chance to talk with the Peaks Mill Water District,” Davis said. “They talked about how they were going to get their meters and how their bills would be run. There was a really good turnout, a lot of good fellowship and everyone was just tickled to death at the thought of getting water.”

Davis said she personally went to each individual home on Harmony Road to get easements signed.

“There are probably close to 30 people living on Harmony Road,” Davis said. “They have all been having their water hauled and depending on the good Lord to supply it. We’re all country people and we know how to deal with it. You get used to it. But it’s sad when you can go right down the road and those people have water and you don’t.”

Davis said Harmony Road had been promised water before, but up until now the promise had never been fulfilled.

“Everyone’s really excited,” Davis said. “After all these years, they will finally get water. It’ll be mighty nice to reach over and turn that faucet on.”

Davis said without the Peaks Mill Water District, Harmony Road may have still been waiting for water.

“I’d like to thank Harmony Baptist Church for opening their doors and letting all those people come in and talk with the Peaks Mill Water District,” Davis said. “I’d also like to thank Peaks Mill for being such a good neighbor and helping us get water to all these people.”

Davis said she would not only like to see more roads in her district get water, but all across the county.

“The roads in my district without water are too numerous to name,” Davis said. “There are many all across the county that are in the same situation and it would be nice to get water for all of them.”

Doris Abrams, a resident of Harmony Road, said she and her husband have water hauled from Stamping Ground to their home every two weeks.

“We’re just elated to death about getting water on our road,” Abrams said. “But I’ll believe it when they lay the pipes down because they’ve promised us water before and we haven’t got it.”

Davis said she’s excited to see those living on Harmony Road receive such a simple pleasure.

“I grew up without running water,” Davis said. “I’ve had it for quite a while now and even to this day I stand in the shower for an extra five or 10 minutes just because I can. It’s nice to know you don’t have to worry about having your water hauled to you anymore.”