Water tower on the rise

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By John Whitlock

There has been a very noticeable addition to the sky around Owenton.
Construction on a new water tower behind the Owen County Public Library on Hwy. 22 is continuing.
The new tank will store about 600,000 gallons of water for the people of Owen County.
When the new water tower is operational, the tower located on Perry Street in Owenton will be taken out of service.
The tank is part of a long-term pipeline project through Kentucky-American Water.
Susan Lancho, Kentucky American Water Management of External and Governmental Affairs,  has said the investment in new projects will not only better serve the people of Owen County, it will ultimately save the company money.
“The purpose of this project is to connect the new plant with the existing Owenton distribution system,” Lancho said. “The Owenton system was going to need a considerable amount of refurbishment to the point where we had to make a decision of whether or not to invest more money in the plant and still have some of the issues or hook into our newer plant and in the long run save money.”
Another water tank project is expected to be constructed in Monterey on Hwy. 127, south of Burkes Lane. The second new tank will hold about 300,000 gallons.
Lancho has said the water tower behind the Owen County Extension Office would be refurbished as part of the project.