Veteran moved and impressed by service at high school

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By The Staff

I enlisted in the Marine Corps at the age of 17 and served four years during World War II. After being honorably discharged, I returned home and met my wife, Jackie, who was two-years younger than I and still in school.

We went to her prom, and it turned out to be the longest prom date in history, as we eloped that very evening. We enjoyed 59 years and 9 months together before Jackie passed away in January last year. Soon after, I moved to Owen County and became a permanent resident in Perry Park Country Club.

Recently, I and several other Owen County veterans were contacted by someone from Owen County High School to see if we would be willing to come to the school and be recognized for our service to our country on Veteran’s Day. We were treated to a nice meal and then recognized in front of the student body. I really was touched by the ceremony, and impressed by the treatment we received at the high school.

I contacted Shannon Treece, principal of Owen County High School, to get the names of people responsible for the program so that I could thank them. Although several people spoke at the program and attended to us at our meal, Ms. Treece mentioned one student in particular who went above and beyond in preparing for this event: Mary Kennedy.

According to Ms. Treece, Mary was responsible for organizing the workers, contacting the newspaper, and arranging for the speakers in the program. Mary also worked with Glenna Saylor to help organize the lunch and décor in the cafeteria.

I want you and your readers to know just how much I appreciate the work of Mary Kennedy, of Glenna Saylor, and all of the student and adult volunteers who helped make this program so special for me. I would also like to thank Shannon Treece for her leadership in the building and with her students.

I was really impressed by the manners and behavior displayed by the entire student body of Owen County High School during my time in the school, and especially during the program. It was truly a day to remember.

From a thankful Owen County veteran,

Jack Edward Yates