Update from the Mayor

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By The Staff

The purpose of this monthly article is to better inform the citizens of Owenton and Owen County of all the events, activities and specifically the precedings of our monthly City Council meetings.

Let me first please address the newly implemented Neighborhood Watch Program within the City of Owenton. Signs are now in the process of being made and will be erected as soon as they are delivered. This program can only be effective if we as neighbors commit to be on the lookout for strange and unusual activity taking place in our neighborhood. Take notice of any unusual vehicles or unfamiliar people, particularly at homes where you know the residents are not at home. Residents need to inform at least one close-by neighbor if and when they are going to be out of town. Please report anything to the local Police immediately. If you cannot reach the police within a few minutes, call 911. Taking note of specific descriptions of vehicles and individuals will be most helpful.

On that same note: we are still having problems with what appears to be group activity in spray painting graffiti on buildings in town. I have discussed this with our City Chief of Police, Terry Gentry. We are cracking down of this heavily and we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. This also goes for any and all drug- related activity. Speaking on behalf of the City Council, we are committed to taking every effort to make a statement against crime and pledge to do what it takes to make/keep the streets of Owenton safe.

The water intake at Severn Creek (still owned by the city) has, over the past two years, undergone restoration and upgrades of lines, equipment, telemetry and the replacements of two new water pumps. We are nearing the final stage of Phase I of this project. Phrase II cannot be started until Phase I is completed. However, we are in the process to securing the monies for this project at this time. I sought the aid and assistance of Northern KY Area Development District, Congressman Geoff Davis, Rep. Royce Adams and Sen. Damon Thayer, U.S. Senators Jim Bunning and Mitch McConnell in several projects, including, but not limited to Phase I. It is because of their help that such things as the natural gas line and water upgrades have come to fruition. I will continue to seek their help for Phase II. Phase II will place the intake directly in the Kentucky River, about a quarter mile from its current location at Severn Creek.

I am so appreciative of the fine work and dedication of the volunteers with Owen 20/20. One of the greatest desires I have is to see the downtown area of Owenton beautified and made more attractive and welcoming with such things as banners, flowers, etc. Owen 20/20 has developed some very neat, impressive ideas. We hope to be able to implement these in the near future. At a future council meeting, Owen 20/20 will be making some proposals to us for consideration.

We are currently working with Bryan Kirby of CEDA (Community Economic Development Associates) to implement a plan and secure monies for the redevelopment of Perry Street in Owenton. We are currently looking at both East and West Peery Street. After due diligence, a proposal will be brought to council to consider what action will be taken. Let me point out that one of the factors in this project is approval from the Kentucky Heritage Council; they will determine what can and cannot be allowed. This entire project is driven by low-to-moderate income factors.

We ask that you join us on Oct. 12, from 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. at the fairgrounds for a “2nd Sunday Health Walk.” This event is being sponsored by local city and county governments, Owen County Extension Office and Three Rivers Health District. This will be a great opportunity for families, young and old, to gather in the name of exercise/better health.

You can walk, run, skate or hop to get your cardio-vascular system pumping. Other activities will include the Inflatable Fun Factory, cornhole, horseback riding, basketball and you can even bring your dog for a walk through the park. We’d like to make this an annual event.