Two Mile remembrance was a social paradise

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By The Staff

June 13 is a very special day in the history of African-Americans. It was situated in a week that was set aside to recognize that our community is no longer segregated, but unified in an attempt to become viable members of society and to recognize the accomplishments of local communities.

It was befitting on this special day that the First Annual Two Mile Road Reunion was held on the Gayle and Branom properties.

A large tent was erected on the Gayle property for the gathering, and the house of Mrs. Thelma Branom of New Liberty was utilized by the caterer and the reunion attendees. Mr. Claude Garnett of Indianapolis, Ind., sponsored the day and was the chairperson of the committee, which included Thelma Branom, Regina Lee and Edna Booker.

Two Mile Road was located within the most fertile ground of Owen County, just on the outskirts of New Liberty and rolled up to the hill outside of the metropolis of Sparta. This very fertile land was filled with vegetation and livestock.

It was on these rolling hills that families were cultivated and fertilized with class and with charm.

On Two Mile Road, seeds of determination were planted that the children and the children’s children might become successful in their lives.

While Two Mile Road was close to the former slave quarters of the foreparents of the families which resided there, it was a place that displayed beautiful homes, well-kept lawns and very bountiful farms. On Two Mile Road the Garnetts, Alexanders, Netters, Bonds, Tollivers and Gayles shared a community of yesterday that has impacted the society of this day and age.

The Netters farm was filled with every fruit one could imagine. Grapes, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries were everywhere. Such were the accomplishments of the members of these families who were in attendance at the First Annual Two Mile Road Reunion.

In attendance were people not only residing in Kentucky, but from Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, the District of Columbia, Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia.

A renowned pastor from Washington, D.C., a construction engineer business proprietor, a social worker, nurses, adult-education director, parents of a certified public accountant, parents of a news anchorman, a concrete mason, a bridge builder, a church founder, a medical insurance coder, parents of a lawyer, a board of education security director, a licensed electrician, owner of a catering service, a senior citizen group director, a bar owner, a truck driver, a factory supervisor, farm owners and many more attended this great reunion.

More than 200 people attended this day of celebration and paid homage to the families’ foreparents who resided on Two Mile Road. Gifts were received for the Old Fashion Day Celebration at the Second Baptist Church of New Liberty. The history of Owen County was remembered and shared at this great gathering of Owen County children’s children who had made benchmarks due to work, teaching and seeding of possibilities from those who once lived on Two Mile Road. Yesterday, we struggled to make ends meet; today, we Praise God, we struggle to keep the dream alive by sharing the past; and we encourage success in the future. Together we are one united community – the Two Mile Reunion was a social paradise.