Turned-off phones aren’t much help

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Kay’s Branch News by Bee Spicer

By The Staff

It was 20 degrees on my thermometer Sunday morning. By the time we got out of church, it had risen to 53 degrees. We got the last of the wood cut, hauled in and stacked last week. We got two loads cut and split for Ann, too. We hauled it up to her house Nov. 2. She was off a half day to vote.

I couldn’t get my truck started so we were waiting for John to come back from cutting up a fallen tree so we could use his truck. I had gone to where he was working to tell him we would need his truck and he said he would come to the wood lot as soon as he was through. I told him I had my cell phone in my pocket and call if he needed me.

Ann and I were waiting at the wood lot for his return and it was getting on toward an hour. I was just about to say something to her about going back there to see what he was doing when I saw his truck coming around the end of  Joel’s building. I could tell he was upset when he got out of the cab. I asked him what was wrong and he said he’d tried to call me both on my cell and the house number and got no response. He was just finishing his trimming and one of the limbs had dropped into a small tree. He had pushed the small tree to get the limb to drop and it rolled and instead of dropping in front of him it curled to the back and caught him just under the shoulder blades and took him to the ground flat on his stomach. He was pinned but didn’t seem to be hurt but just couldn’t move. He tried to call but got no answer, so he decided he’d have to get himself out. His arms were out in front of him so he tried getting up on his elbows and arching his back. It raised the limb enough that the small tree that it was caught in came up and lifted the large limb and he was quick enough to drag himself out from under before it settled back. He was fine, nothing broken or even bruised, but Ann and I were both scared speechless listening to him tell about it.  I checked my cell phone and it was turned off. I’d had it with me Sunday and turned it off in church and forgot about it. I’ll never make that mistake again. If my hair hadn’t been white already, it would be now. 

Wanda said Charlie Simmons had been doing some bulldozing work for Joyce Claxon, using Omer’s old bulldozer. Omer had bought it from Joyce True after Red died. It’s a 1953 model and still runs like a fine watch. They just don’t make equipment like they used to.

I have been going to my grandson’s body shop all summer getting my 2007 Chrysler rebuilt, one part at a time. I was there this week having a switch replaced that controls the blinker system on the dash.

A few weeks ago it was a track that makes one of the back doors open. I was driving home from Chris’ garage that afternoon when a yellow light lit up on the dash. I didn’t have a clue, so I pulled into the BP station at Swallowfield to find someone who could tell me what it meant.

Luckily just as I stopped and got out, George Miller and his friend came out of the store. George and friend looked at it and talked it over and decided that it was an “engine light” that probably wasn’t going to blow up before I could get it seen about, but said they would follow me home just in case.

I managed to get home without incident and called Chris. He said he’d look at it the next time I was up there but not to worry about it. I just hate it when the lights come on and things ding at me when I’m driving.

There was a reception given at the new Terry’s Catering, the old Glen Willis House, Sunday afternoon for the newlyweds, Loren Curtis and Connie May.

Wanda said she went. She said there was music provided by Connie’s sister-in-law and three brothers. They play bluegrass music and they were joined later in the afternoon by John and Tona Harrod.

She said there was a big crowd there to help the happy couple  celebrate: Lou Ann and Joel Grugin, Mike and Charlene Raisor, Pat and Dara, Jean and Gray Zeitz, Kirk and Bettina Somerville, all the Schimmoeler  Clan, and others too numorous to mention.

Wanda said there was plenty of room and a very nice porch at the back of the house with a beautiful view of the river. It sounds like  a wonderful party and we wish them all the good fortune in their lives together.

“Dancing With the Stars” has gotten Wanda in the mood. She said she and Peggie Tisch were starting ball room dance class this Monday evening. She said she would tell me all about it next week.

Wanda also put in a plug for the new businesses in Owenton. She said there was a new clothing store, Uniquely You, that just opened, and she mentioned Dayna Hughes’ Triple H Consignment Store has a lot of new inventory. I bought some things in there in the spring and there is a whole lot of “stuff” to see in there.

There are several birthdays this month. Bayley and Chris have birthdays on the 13th. She celebrated with a party at her daughter Jordan’s house Saturday with her family. My birthday is the 19th and Robbie’s two sons have birthdays on the 20th and 29th. Happy birthday to all the November babies.

Johnny Bob is back in the hospital. His blood pressure shot up last week and they took him to the emergency room, where they discovered he had double pneumonia and a clot on one lung. Pat said she went to see him Saturday and he was much better and might get back to Robbie’s sometime this week.

Josie Hazlet’s father Bob Lowe was taken to the Hospice Hospital Saturday evening. Josie said they were evaluating him to see if he would be able return home. Please say a pray for the sick and their caretakers.

The Monterey Fire Department is having a Thanksgiving supper  at 6 Saturday at the fire house. All are invited to come and share a meal. Larry also said to remind people that the burn ban is still in place. We haven’t had enough rain to alleviate the fire hazard.

Thursday is Veteran’s Day. Stop a minute and say a prayer for all our veterans and fighting men in wars past and present.