Truck will be valuable to entire community

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Letter to the editor - Robb Chaney

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Truck will help our community

The Owen County Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank the following people:
• Vogel/POH/Fire Services and E-One for building our truck.
• The 2011 Owen County Volunteer Fire Department truck committee was Robb Chaney, Greg Estes, Jeff Wright, Marlin Webster, Jackie Webster, Darrel Hearn, David Lilly, Rick Morgan and Josh Willobuy for countless hours of meeting, discussing what we needed.
• To our members of the Owenton/Owen County VFD for allowing us to do this.
• Owen County Judge-executive Carolyn Keith, Casey Ellis, Troy Bramblett, Teresa Davis and Asa Phillips for the support and confidence they have in us.
We want to say thank you to the citizens of Owen County for support. This new equipment is theirs as much as it is ours. Through their taxes and donations through the years it made it possible for us to purchase this truck, allowing hopefully for a lower ISO rating for our area. Also providing another VFD certified truck to arrive on the scene with.
As chief of Owen County VFD, I want to say thank you for making a dream possible.
To all members of the Wheatley, Owenton, Owen County, New Liberty, Monterey and South Owen fire departments, thank you for your input.
To the citizens in Owen County, I personally want to say thank you. Without your love and support this would not have happened.
To our truck committee, I know you gave up hours upon hours of your time away from family, friends, kids and grandkids to make this a priority. I know your love for this department, county and for the citizens that live here. Without your deepest concerns this would have not been able to happen.
To our members at Owenton/Owen County, I know you all give countless hours training, runs, whether it’s fire, wreck, EMS, etc.
You all are truly amazing in my eyes. Each one of you have a special talent that I see and the community sees. I’m very proud of each one of you. Without you our team will fail, the number one thing to remember is it takes a team to conquer all things possible. To the members of Owenton/Owen County fire department we are one team striving to be the best we can be when called upon.
Again, thank you all.

Robb Chaney is the  Owen County Fire Chief