Treatment gives child a normal life

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Owen County CHD walk to be held Feb. 19

By Molly Haines

In 2004, Tina Olds took her son for a kindergarten physical. Prior to that day, she had no idea that her son would undergo heart surgery.
Tina’s son, Jalane Olds, had health problems since he was born, but doctors assured Tina that it was only asthma.
“They just always said he had asthma,” Tina said. “He would turn really blue and have difficulty breathing. Before he started school we took him for his kindergarten physical and that’s when they told me he had a hole in the right ventricle of his heart.”
On Nov. 11, 2004, Jalane went in for surgery and had the hole repaired.
“We’ve really been blessed,” Tina said. “He plays ball, is really active and a very healthy boy.”
Tina said that since the surgery, Jalane, who is now 11, has not suffered anymore “asthma” attacks.
Going through the surgery changed Jalane, Tina said.
“The surgery took place at UK Children’s Hospital,” Tina said. “While we were there, we saw a lot kids who weren’t ever going to get to come home. It really affected Jalane. He wrote a paper about it in school and said he just remembered being so scared.”
Tina said this will be Jalane’s fourth year participating in the event.
“It touches our hearts to be able to help other people like this,” Tina said. “So many families go through surgery after surgery after surgery. We were blessed to not have to go through that, but we know what it’s like and we can be there for others who maybe haven’t been so lucky.”
The walk for awareness kicks off at noon Saturday in the Owenton First Baptist Church Family Life Center.
Entertainment will be held throughout the day and vendors will be set up. A portion of the money raised by vendors will be donated to the walk.
The walk itself begins at 3 p.m.
A silent auction will take place during the walk, with items donated from local businesses and individuals.
A raffle will be held at the end of the walk for two UK basketball tickets for the March 1 game against Vanderbilt. This is UK’s last home game and it’s also senior night. Raffle chances are on sale until the end of the walk. The winner will be drawn at 6 p.m. Saturday at the close of the silent auction. Raffle chances are one for $1 and six for $5.