Times are changing

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By The Staff

I just wanted to let the employee at (a local institution) that was worried about the “coon” running for president – he’s your president now.

At another business, my son was told “speak up – just because we’re all white doesn’t mean you can’t speak up”

Also to the young adults of this community who have said they can’t date out of their race – one day you will be at an age to make your own decisions and then it will be your choice instead of your parents if who you choose is a person of color that makes you happy or someone that is mean or on drugs but of the same race.

The times are changing, people.

You never know we may one day see a person of color working at the courthouse or a bank or even the office of a business in Owen County.

I do want to thank North Park and Dairy Queen for giving everyone a chance to work.

Maybe one day soon, other businesses will choose their employees fairly and not just give them to people who already have family members working there.

By the way, those of you who are worried Obama won’t do everything he has promised – name a president who has.