Three students expelled and face charges following alleged school, church vandalism

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The three students involved in vandalism at Owen County High School were expelled and face charges of animal cruelty and criminal mischief.
According to Owen County Sheriff Zemer Hammond, the incident took place in the early morning hours of May 20.
The three students began the spree of vandalism at Salem Baptist Church, where nearly a dozen other teens stopped by following a camp fire.
Hammond said the three teens began throwing rocks and breaking windows at the church and the other teenagers left.
According to Hammond, the three teens also stole election signs from the New Liberty area and stuck them up around Owen County High School.
“That day was Election Day, so I had to go have my deputies take them up,” Hammond said. “That’s when we found out about the (vandalism at the high school).”
Hammond said the teenagers claimed to have chased a turkey, which they thought caused the turkey to die.
“The turkey was 30 lbs. overweight,” Hammond said. “So they were thinking that could’ve caused it to die because it was so overweight.”
A goat also died following the incident and one of the teens is said to have kicked the goat, but Hammond said it was unclear if the goat died because of something the teens had done or if it was already sick.