Thanks to Katey’s Angels

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By The Staff

As most of you probably know, on the morning of Jan. 22 my daughter was in a horrific car accident. She had left, as she did every morning, wondering if I liked her shirt, if her hair looked OK and could I grab her a snack for breakfast. In less than five minutes after she left, a friend of hers called me and said, “Katey has been in an accident.” It took me seconds to be out the door and to her.

When my foot stepped on the scraps of her yellow Dodge Neon on Hwy. 127, I knew I was in a nightmare and hoped it was a dream. Within seconds the lights were flashing around us and friends were running to us.

I’ve read hundreds of thank-you letters here at the News-Herald and many have mentioned our Owen County ambulance squad and the first responders. All of those letters are accurate. They were there to comfort Katey, to work to save us from what had just happened: The New Liberty Fire Department cutting Katey out of her car; Kevin Luther sitting in the passenger side of the car talking to Katey and keeping her aware of what was happening and how they would proceed; Marvin Goodrich telling me he would take care of Katey’s things in the car and for me to go with her – these were all angels who came to us.

Last week, while we were pulling the March 4 issue together, I stood by John and pointed to a picture of two senior basketball players and said, “Those are Katey’s nurses,” and I realized, not just nurses but also angels. For you see, angels just appear.

These angels first appeared when we sat at the UK Medical Center waiting for Katey to have her compound leg fracture set and later operated on. These were the ones she wanted when she got tired of looking at me and her family. These were the ones who sat and cried for her and put on a happy face when they got their turn to go back and see her.

Now I can’t leave out all the many friends she had waiting with us, calling us, or texting us with concern for her. I can’t leave out her friend, Emily Davis, who sat with her one day after we came home and took her out for lunch with wheelchair in tow – no small task. And I certainly can’t leave out her twin sister, Lacey, who for six weeks slept on the floor beside her in case she needed something during the night ... or her older sister, Abby, who brought her a new jacket (to replace the one Katey got for Christmas that they cut off her in the ER) so she would have it when she came out of surgery. I have to mention our new neighbors, the Gamms, who brought us supper and fed our family; and Sue Stowe for coming out of retirement to tutor Katey in her Home Bound Studies.

But the two angels went to school during the day and came to the hospital in Lexington every afternoon. They are the ones who knew how to comb Katey’s hair when I didn’t; they are the ones who knew that after two days of not eating, it would be chicken strips from O’Charley’s that would get her on the right path. They were the ones who had already made a plan for a “night out” with her before the anesthesia even wore off. These angels are Morgan Green and Dani Hutchinson. They knew just what to do for their friend and never hesitated – never hesitated to paint a “good foot’s” toenails, or shave a leg. It was Dani who figured out how to wash Katey’s hair in the sink, not an easy task with one broken leg and a broken collar bone. It was Morgan who knew how to break down a wheelchair to travel, and how to take off the “air boot’ to Katey’s satisfaction. She made a thousand trips up and down the steps to retrieve items our patient wanted.

After we came home, both girls spent most of the first week with us to help any way they could. They waited on her hand and foot. Now that we are getting better, they still drive Katey to her destination or just come and spend some time so she stays connected.

Now these are not girls who have “no life.” They have basketball practice, school, and their own family. Dani had her own boyfriend, Chad Perkins, come and pick up Katey so she could go with the group – he has a truck to “haul” the wheelchair, crutches, quilts and pillows it took to travel. Jared, Chad’s brother, soon became the one who Katey would allow to inject her blood thinner and knew how to get a wheelchair in the house without a ramp.

I thought Katey had a bevy of friends, and well she does, but I have been really touched by the constant help and presence of Morgan and Dani. Oh, and did I mention that both girls will be graduating with Katey this year and all three plan to go into the field of nursing?

So if someday you look up and see a pair of angels coming down the hall of a hospital, just remember I saw them first – they are Katey’s Angels.

Sherry Lyons is the office manager of the News-Herald and a loving mother.