Technology continues to change county clerk’s office

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County Clerk's Corner

By Joan Kincaid

The routine world of regulations, laws, and practices, accompanied by legislation, court decisions and  agreements’ have led to changes in the Owen County Clerk’s Office.
The most recent change has been the implementation of KRS 186.020 (b) and 186.180 (summarized). The owner’s registration receipt, if the motor vehicle was last registered in this state, shall be presented at time of renewal to the county clerk. If the owner loses their copy of a registration or transfer receipt, they may obtain a duplicate from the county clerk. The owner shall pay to the clerk a fee of $3.
In theory, the Department of Transportation/County Clerks’ Association said that this procedure should have already been occurring in the clerks’ offices. However, the practice of requiring the registration and fee of $3 had not been strongly enforced until now.
I hope this article will highlight the importance of bringing your registration with you at the time of renewal.
I know you become frustrated, and I do understand your outcry. This is different that what you have done for many years. I too have found it hard to require or charge you for the duplicate. This is driven by economic unrest and worries about the future system (KAVIS, Kentucky’s new motor vehicle data system) in the clerk’s office that will be using the registrations with a scanner for renewals.
With tighter enforcement now, the public will be educated and focused on the task of providing the registration when KAVIS is implemented. The hurdles to accomplishing a task sometimes causes a massive headache for all involved.
I appreciate your help as we work together to accomplish the day-to-day duties and the task of being prepared for KAVIS.
It has also come to my attention that the postcard that is printed and mailed from Frankfort to you (motor vehicle tax and/or registration renewal notice) have had some of the city tax codes put on in error or left off in error.
If you live in the city of Owenton, please check your card before you pay. If the  information on the card is not correct, please contact the Property Valuation Office immediately at 484-5172.
Finally, I just want you to know the Owen County Clerk’s Office is committed to serving you and trying to keep you informed about changes of procedures and policies. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions. You can do so by phone — 484-2213; Fax — 484-1002; or e-mail — owencountyof535@bellsouth.net