A taste of business

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Farmers’ Market vendors teach students about entrepreneurship

By Molly Haines

Bowling Middle School students will get a taste of the real world today – literally.

Every Spring the middle school holds an Entrepreneur Fair, which helps teach students the pros and cons of being self-employed. As a precursor to the fair, Bowling Middle School has invited the Owen County Farmers’ Market to set up in the school parking lot to not only sell their goods, but to talk to the students about the joys of producing their own goods, and the headaches.

The market will give the 400 middle school students and faculty the chance to purchase crafts, produce and food that they do not have the chance to do during the normal Friday market.

“Teachers will take their students through the market, vendors will sell to students and discuss how locally grown produce is better than imported,” said Bowling Middle School teacher David Chancery. “It will give the students a real life experience and help for them to decide whether or not they’d like to be a business owner some day.”

The Spring 2009 Entrepreneur Fair will be the fourth that Bowling Middle School has conducted, but the first time the Farmers’ Market has been involved.

“It grows a little each year,” said Chancery. “We’re looking into the future of our local youth. We’re trying to get them involved in the Farmers’ Market as well as the community.”

“When the community is involved with the school, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. It’s either going to be a great success or a great failure, but either way I’m looking forward to it,” said Chancery.