Take pride in Owen County truck pullers

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Letter to the editor

By The Staff

In the twilight years of my life, I have discovered the competitive sport of truck pullin’.

My son and grandson bought a pulling truck, and they have spent hours working on it, getting it ready to pull. Their first pull was in Cloverdale, Ind., and when they went, I packed my bag and headed for Indiana. I have been to two pulls now, found the fans to be enthusiastic, courteous and of all ages. I was pleased to find out how many Owen countians were involved with this sport, and how good they were.

As simple as it might seem, this is a sport that takes a great deal of skill and dedication from all of the participants.

Even more importantly, there is a lot of family involvement in this sport. The pulls are surrounded by an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and healthy competition, where everyone will feel welcome. I have been particularly impressed by the established drivers and owners, who have been very helpful to newcomers.

For the 2008 season, ORVTPA awards were given in one class to the top 10 winners, and seven of these were from Owen County.

In another class, Owen County drivers earned first and third place. The season points and sportsmanship winners were also from Owen County.

I understand that pulling is not to everyone’s taste, but I feel that Owen countians can be proud of their representatives in this sport.

Betty Keith