Superintendent's notes: District report cards can help conversations

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By David Raleigh - For the News-Herald

All Kentucky schools are required to publish updated school and district report cards every year and post them on the Kentucky Department of Education website.
The 2010-11 school and district report cards will be available next week. Due to the various forms of data inputted, school report cards always run one year behind.
School report cards should not be confused with the individual student report cards that come home with your child after each grading period.
School report cards provide information about each school and district, including test performance, teacher qualifications, student safety, awards, parent involvement, and much more.
The purpose of school report cards is to help open the lines of communication between the school, the homes of its students, and our community. They provide an opportunity for schools to highlight their strengths and explain what they are doing to improve.
Parents can use school report cards when they visit their child’s school for conferences and other meetings.
To access the school report cards for Owen County schools, you can go to the school report card archive page on KDE’s web site at http://applications.education.ky.gov/schoolreportcardarchive/.
From there, choose Owen County from the drop down menu. You will then see a listing of all our schools. Choose the most recent year to view or download the school report card of your choice.
While the KDE web site is the most convenient and inexpensive way for the vast majority of Kentucky parents to receive this information, schools and districts are required upon request to print cards for parents lacking Internet access.
Please contact Charlotte Elkins at (502) 484-4009 for additional information.
David Raleigh is the superintendent of the Owen County School District.