Strong turnout in Owen

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County goes for McCain, McConnell

By The Staff

Voting precincts were swarmed with voters as Owen County chose its leaders.

The Owenton voters as requested a change as Robert “Casey” Ellis, Bobby Walker, Rita Osborne, and Larry Dale Perry were elected to the Owenton City Council.

The Owen County School Board will be Brian Young, Stuart Bowling, and Magaret Forsee,

In the state elections, Owen County voted for Damon Thayer for the Kentucky Senate and Royce Adams for the Kentucky House of Representatives.

In national elections, Owen County chose Mitch McConnell for U.S. Senator and Geoff Davis for U.S. Representative. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin took the county in the presidential race.

Poll worker Veronica Gayle said the New Liberty precinct had a very high voter turnout. She credited the hotly contested races for the number of people walking into the New Liberty Volunteer Firehouse to cast their vote.

The fire department used the election as an opportunity to hold a fundraiser. They served lunch to voters and all the funds went to the volunteer fire department.

Poll worker Mary Marlow said everyone seemed to be interested in this election.

“There’s been a good turnout this year,” Marlow said. “They’ve all waited patiently and they all seem very interested in what the outcome will be like.”

Voter Pam Palone said she’s worried about the country.

“This presidential election could go either way,” Palone said. “It could go one way and be four more years of the same or it could go in a completely different direction.”

Voter Eric Spears said his main reason for coming out to vote was his religious beliefs. Some other voters said that they felt as if the local election was just as important as the presidential.

“I live in town and I like voting for the local stuff too,” Louis Chandler said.

The Monterey City Council will be Crystal True, Josie Hazelett, Joseph M. Manypenny and Virginia M. Manypenny.

The Gratz City Commissioners were Dennis Wilson, Harold Aldridge, Eric Stamper, James Allen Goodrich, Jerry O’Nan and Larry Smith.

By the end of the day 4,843 people visited the Owen County polls.