Stray dogs are a menace in Monterey

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By The Staff

Letter to the Editor

You know, sometimes, I’m not proud to live in Monterey.

When I moved to Monterey, almost 13 years ago, it was the greatest place in the world. People were so nice, yards were kept up, and it was a great place for a family.

But now, there’s nobody willing to help us uphold the law. Not even people paid to do the job. We have dogs running this town.

Now I know it could be worse, but I pulled in town last week and before I got home, (I have to drive on two streets before my own) there were four dogs running loose.

For those of us who paid good money for fences to stay on the right side of the law, to just have to sit back and watch other dogs run up and down the street, to have to chase them out of our yards, out of our flower beds, out of our animals’ food, to watch those dogs play tug-of-war with a kitten, it’s ridiculous.

Will it still be ridiculous when it’s a toddler the dogs are pulling on and not a “no account” kitten?

Has nobody but me ever seen a bunch of sweet individual dogs begin to “pack” together and start hunting like they used to do in the wild? Have you never heard a farmer say they had to get rid of a dog because it got the taste of blood in its mouth?

In Monterey we’ve broken up dog fight after dog fight. Somebody is going to be hurt. I just hope it’s not a child playing in the park.

Goodness knows, the city of Monterey has plenty of money for a lawsuit and hospital bills or worse – funeral home expenses.

Sometimes, I’m not proud to live in Monterey.

Anne Marie Riddell