Storytellers, tour helps make history come alive for visitors

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By Molly Haines

Visitors from across the country received a glimpse into Owen County history Friday during the guided carriage tour.


Those on the tour had the opportunity to visit the oldest surviving brick home in Owen County, the Owen County Historical Museum, the Owen County Courthouse and the Stafford House. Local storytellers were stationed at each location. A tea was included in the tour, which included soup, sandwiches and desserts.

Peggie Tisch, who was in charge of the event, said 15 people took the carriage ride and 31 participated in the tea. There were several out-of-state visitors from places like California and Minnesota.

“It was a very successful event for our first endeavor,” Tisch said. “I think it was just the right number of people to make it go well.”

“Many of the women on the tour said they were glad we had organized it,” Tisch said. “Many of them said that when they come to shoots with their husbands they were left to wander around with not a lot to do and this gave them something to do.”

“Our progressive tea probably went over best,” Tisch said. “But I believe it took each stop along the way to make it come together. Our homemakers really worked hard on the tea. They went to Lexington to study different histories and to learn which plates needed to be used for what and how each different thing needed to be placed. They really worked hard.”

Tisch said work on the event began a little over a year ago when Curtis Sigretto, owner of the Elk Creek Hunt Club, told her that those who visit Owen County are always interested in its history.

“We felt like this tour would give visitors some of the most important pieces of Owen County history and perhaps it would also make them want to come back and visit.”

Tisch said another guided tour could be in the works.

“I think with all of the positive feedback we received, it would be great to do another one in the future,” Tisch said.

“It took everyone working together to make this happen,” Tisch said. “I would deem it a total success.”