Stamper recalls tales from the Eagle Creek

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By Molly Haines

Georgia Green Stamper is not only a writer, but an avid storyteller. In her book, “You Can Go Anywhere From the Center of the World,” she makes it clear that the stories have great value to her and that these aren’t just fables passed down from generation to generation – but true sincere stories that have a lesson to learn.

Most of Stamper’s stories are centered around Owen County and its people.

“I definitely was grounded, I had a strong sense of family and community values,” said Stamper, “Coming from Owen County, you had a strong sense of who you were, the community and the place were family. It was empowering knowing people cared about you.”

Stamper grew up on a tobacco farm on Eagle Creek, which Stamper and her husband still own. The Eagle Creek family land has belonged to one member or another of her mother’s people for over a hundred and fifty years.

“I always wanted to be an author. I was an avid reader and would read as much as I could. Now that I’ve been writing for The News Herald and written a book, I feel like I’ve become a better writer, certainly more disciplined,” said Stamper.

“I had to get past my writer’s block. Writing is lonely, to write these things for years and never have anyone see them, but to just shove them in a drawer – it’s lonely,” she said.

Stamper’s writer’s block is nonexistent today. Her work has been published in several different anthologies and she has written a column for The News-Herald since 2004. She’s a commentator for NPR member station WUKY, affiliated with the University of Kentucky, where she reads her stories over the air.

She graduated from Transylvania University and taught English and theater before she immersed herself into writing.

Stamper currently resides in Lexington, but by reading her book or speaking with her in person, it’s easy to see that Stamper keeps Owen County close at heart.

This Friday, Stamper will be reading from her book at “Books at Noon” hosted by the Owen County Public Library. The reading will start at noon and is open to the public.