A special night

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By Brian Blair

Every Friday night in the fall is special.

There is a chill in the air that is full of the aroma of hotdogs and popcorn. The lights at the stadium are turned on. The student body is pumped up. The band plays the fight song as the cheerleaders cheer. The team takes the field.

It is another Friday night full of high school football. While each game is exciting and anticipated, one night stands out above the rest, Homecoming.

Friday night is Homecoming in Owen County. It is more that just a night, it is a week. Beginning on Monday, the students at the high school started to get ready for Friday night. Signs will be painted and flag football games will be played. There will be preparations for a parade.

Homecoming is always an exciting time. It is the one night a year when people who may never come to any other football game will come out to the stadium. People may even come from out of town to support their alma mater.

It is also a night when one young lady’s dream will be realized. She carefully picked out her dress and her escort. She will ride around town in a fancy convertible waving to those who line the streets. She will pose for family pictures. Why? All in anticipation of the words, “And this year’s Homecoming Queen is ….” It is a title she will forever have and she will even come back next year to crown her successor.

Oh yeah, there is also a football game. While a team hopes to win every game each season, there are three in particular that are “must wins.” The first is the season opener. You have to get off to a good start. The second one is Senior Night. It is important for those playing their final home game to go out with a win.

The other game that must be won is Homecoming. Every player and coach knows how much the night means to the school and the community. Each one realizes how many former players and coaches may be in the stands watching and hoping for a win. No pressure.

Let me add one more game to my list of games every team wants to win. No team wants to be the Homecoming opponent for someone else. It is so much fun to go on the road and ruin Homecoming for someone else. Believe me, being a part of a team while in high school, there was nothing sweeter than taking someone else’s special night and turning it into one of your own.

Win or lose, Homecoming offers the perfect setting to enjoy an evening out. So load up the car and grab your sweatshirts and come enjoy a special Friday night in Owenton.