The social season comes to an end until spring

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By Bee Spicer

This has been a busy week for me. I’m sure it has for most of my readers too, with Christmas just a week away.
 I got the last of the decorating done on Monday. Anything that is not covered with  red, green and gold by now will just have to wait till next year. Tuesday was banking day, a trip to the library and bridge. Mary Ann Cobb had it this time and it was our Christmas party.
The sun was shining and we had a very nice afternoon, but this will be our last afternoon till March.
Between bad weather and members going to Florida or parts south, we won’t be able to get enough to play till then. So we said our goodbyes and have a nice winter. I can’t believe this year is nearly over.
Wednesday, I had to make a trip to Frankfort for last-minute gifts, groceries and several other things. I got home about 2 p.m. with the intention of unloading the van and going to Owenton  to deliver the gifts from the church to the Owen County Extension Center for the children’s party on Thursday. That plan was scratched when I took a headache and dizzy spell and had to call John to come rescue me. He brought in the things that stayed here and took the gifts to Owenton for me. It’s nice to have him close so he can come to my rescue when needed.
The weather closed in on us Thursday so I made fudge all day to give to the family and friends.
Friday evening was my Christmas dinner for Teri and her family. John and Bayley came down to eat with us. It was a very nice evening. I hadn’t seen Rachel’s children since October.
Pat came to church this morning and came home with me to have lunch and stay a while. I will have John, Bayley, Ann and Tutt Saturday afternoon. After that, it will be the end of my social calendar till spring.
Fay said they had their Christmas play at Mount Vernon Church Sunday evening. She said there was a big crowd and it went really well.
Jennifer came home this weekend and will be on vacation all this week.
Wanda had a short paragraph in last week’s news about a local motorcycle group that had a party in Frankfort. I missed it till I had already punched “send.” She said several of the local bikers were in attendance including Tony and Carol Karsner, Tony and Pam Robertson, and Sheila and E.T. She didn’t give me their last name.
Wanda has had no time for a social life lately. Fighting the weather and delivering the heavy volume of mail that seems to always get to the post office late, has made for very long days this week. She did tell me that the new Gratz bridge has opened. They’re still working on the guard rails but the old one is now blocked, which is surprising a lot of uninformed travelers. She said the old bridge will be torn down soon.
We had our Chirstmas program at church this morning. Joel Grugin was very nice to come down on his tractor and scrape the ice off the area in front of the church and clean the sidewalk and steps for us. Lou Ann was told she had three stress fractures in her back and will have an MRI this week to determine how they will fix the problem. She is hoping she will be a candidate for the new insertion of a gel that thickens and mends the fractures. We’ll know next week.
Angie Haydon was taken by ambulance Sunday morning to the hospital. She had lung cancer and was having difficulty breathing. Audrey said that Peggy Hearne had died suddenly this week. Please keep the above mentioned and their families in your prayers.
Lanny told us that Eli, his ex-stepson and Abe’s brother, had his 20th birthday this week and was now in his second year of college. He came to our church when he was just a little kid. We wish him a happy birthday. I used to know his last name but can’t call it to mind now.
I heard on the evening news that there was going be a total eclipse of the moon Tuesday morning about 1 a.m. It only happens about every 500 years. I am sure that there will be watchers of the night sky waiting for this phenomenon, but I won’t be one of them. I’ll just wait for the next one. Maybe it won’t be so cold.
To all of you out there, I wish you safe travel if you’re going to Grandma’s house and a very merry Christmas.