So you want to be a Wildcat?

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By Brian Blair

If you were looking for a last minute gift for Father’s Day this weekend I have an idea for you. I learned this week that University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari is hosting a basketball camp in September for those who want to live out their dream of being a Wildcat.
For just $7,500 you could send your man to the John Calipari Basketball Fantasy Experience. The camp includes dinner at Coach Cal’s house, playing games on the floor of Rupp Arena and getting instruction from former and current players. Oh yeah, don’t forget the bag of freebies from Nike.
The camp has just 80 available slots with much of the money being used to benefit charities around Lexington.
Now let me say that I have no problem with Coach Cal hosting a camp like this. In fact I would say that he is a genius for coming up with the idea. After all, how many guys 35 and up would love the chance to take part in something of this nature. My only thought is how exactly are you going to pop the question to your wife about getting permission to go.
Uh... honey, I know you wanted to go to Hawaii to renew our vows under a waterfall but I have a better idea. How about I leave you and the kids alone for the weekend while I go to Lexington to play basketball with a bunch of sweaty guys who may or may not make complete fools of themselves?
They say there are no stupid questions. I would beg to differ. I could only imagine that after asking your wife for $7,500 to play hoops you might found out just how much you need that new couch. In other words, this camp sounds like a great opportunity for single men all over the Commonwealth.
This is not the first such camp. Kansas coach Bill Self hosted something similar a few years ago as did Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade. Though each had a good crowd, neither sold out, but I am telling you right now that Coach Calipari will have no trouble getting 80 guys to commit. This is a man who knows his fan base and just how dedicated (crazy) they are.
In full disclosure, since I turned 35 I have wanted to go and take part in a similar camp with the Cincinnati Reds. The last I checked it did not cost as much but did involve a trip to Arizona for a week.
Nevertheless, in September a number of men will lace up their high tops, put on their slightly snug jerseys and leave their pride at home to live the dream. They will head to Lexington where I am guessing there is one more perk to the camp that many will benefit from the most. Participants will have access to the UK sports medicine/rehab facilities. After all I am sure that along with a few wives there will also be several hamstrings, knees and ankles that may be screaming as well.