Smoke rising: Kentucky American to begin testing waterlines

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Field crews will soon be conducting smoke testing in order to perform a sanitary sewer evaluation study of the Owenton sewer system.
O’Brien & Gere, under contract with Kentucky American Water and the City Of Owenton will perform the work, which will include opening manholes in the streets. The information collected during the study will be used to help improve and repair the wastewater collection system.
Field crews will conduct the smoke testing for two to three days, from July 1-3.
The crews will blow smoke in to the sewer lines and manholes in order to locate broken pipes and other defects. The smoke will exit from the vent pipes on the roofs of houses.
The smoke is non-toxic, leaves no residue and creates no fire hazard.
According to O’Brien & Gere representative Paula Glasford, the smoke will not enter houses unless there is defective plumbing present or the drain traps are dry.
The company asks that to help prevent smoke from entering houses for resident to pour about a gallon of water into any seldom used drain, which will fill the drain traps and prevent smoke from entering the home.
Glasford said smoke is not harmful to pets, but it would be a good idea to leave several windows partially open for ventilation if a resident is not going to be home during the testing.
If a bad sewer or lack of traps are found in a building, the information will be documented and given to Kentucky American Water and the City of Owenton to determine what steps are necessary to remedy any problems found during the testing.