Smith family joins together

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The 22nd Smith family reunion was held June 26 at the home of Naomi Shiver.
There were 94 present for the occasion.
It was a great day after the morning showers.
Those present were Bro. Charles and Terri Barrineau and two grandchildren; Bro. Brad, Lakotha, Jacob and Adam Vincint and their two foster girls; Harold, Louise and Donna Watson, Buck and Sarah Smith, Omer and Norma Lee and two great-granddaughters; James, Tasha, Destiny, Haley and Colby Young; Bradley House and Devin Mann and Wilma Smith, Ellen and Haller Davenport, Doug and Doris Jean Smith, Tom and Sherry White, George and Judy and Lori Kingkaid, Clinton, Debbie and Logan House, Karen and Rylee Standby, Candi and Johnny Reynolds, Pat and Garry Smith, Garry Jr., Eva and Claudia Smith, Ronnie Smith, Betty Smith Cains, Gary and Debbie Smith, Mary Mastin, Talmon,  Tracie Perkins, Chase Perkins and Cailey, T.J. and Stefan Shidecher, Amie, Hannah and Lillie LaHue, Christy and Madison Kingkade, Larry and Debbie Smith, Jo Newton, Carl and Sue Henage, Larry Henage, Phil Hall, Tammy Crump, Scheryl L. Prater, Allen, Melissa and Abby Smith; Rebecca Perkins, Regina and Cara Hull, Jill and Glenn Hammond, Mike Smith and daughter, Jeff Martin and friend, Kevin, Annette, Molly and Emily Coleman, and the host, Naomi Shiver.