Smith family holds reunion

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The descendants of Wilford and Leathie Smith met at the home of their daughter Naomi on June 23, for the 24th family reunion.
Family started arriving about 10:30 a.m. and continued till after church. Everyone came with dishes in hand and the table was filled with delicious food. About 1:15 p.m. they had prayer and then started filling their plates.
Those in attendance were: Bro. Brad, Tabatha, Jacob, Adam, Skyler, Chloe and Mary Kate Vincent, Larry, Debbie and Dale Smith, Jo Newton, Tolomon, Tracie and Chase Perkins, TJ and Stefan Shidecker, Nicole Wright, Buck, Sara and Steve Smith, Doug and Doris Jean Smith, Terry and Linda Mastin, Sherry White, Heather Davis, Josh and baby Josh, Darrell Watson, George and Judy Kingkade, Scott, Madison and Brooklyn Davenport, Sis Mastin, Gary and Pat Smith, Bradley House, Devin Devers, Mike and Donna Lee, Clarence Leu, Omer, Homer, Carrie and Lillie La Hue, Karen and Rylee Stanley, Mike, Tina and Adam Mastin, Matt and Tammy Crump, Taylor and Chelsia Cecere, Joey Smith, Jeffy, Julie, Dakota and Avery Mastin and Naomi Shivers.
Everyone sat around talking about the good old days and about the weather. They all left planning to meet again next year at the same place for the 25th reunion.